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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Ep 1 – Watch Out For The Tumbleweed!

The task will be judged by Stone, Dr. Sweater, Gail, Suter and the Skyhawks skydiving team.

Franklin – Olive Oil Poached Halibut with Creamed Leeks, Onion, Scallions – Gail loved the combo, but the fish was bland. The Doc is impressed that he poached the fish in these conditions.

David – Shrimp with Smoky White Bean Hummus, Warm Vegetables and Candied Lemon Vinaigrette – Dr. S found it to be too shrimpy. Gail found it to be too hummusy.

Herb – Grilled Mango-Cucumber Butter and Red Pepper Gazpacho – No oysters. There were supposed to be oysters, but Herb couldn’t open them and failed to plate his oysters in time. So he was essentially serving a sauce in a shell. Gail wondered why he didn’t just serve them raw when he was struggling for time. Sweater Man felt the sauce was good. Herb is in trouble – and the fact that he looks like Giancarlo Esposito won’t save him.

Lynn – Maple-Marinated Beet Salad with Bacon and Egg Vinaigrette – Gail is impressed by the beets and the divers think it is a good summer dish.

Jenn – Clams with Bacon, Tomato and Fregola Sarda, Cabbage Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette – Capt. Sweater found too many clams to be unopened. Suter felt it lacked clam taste, but the sauce was good.

Sue – Mahi Mahi and Pepper Escabeche with Roasted Corn and Tomato Basil Butter – Stone said it is deep South down home cooking, but Kaiser Sweater said it was too safe, perhaps her knees were wobbly from the jump.

BryanBot – Aromatic Carrots with Pine Nut Praline, Arugula Chimichurri and Golden Raisins – Gail really digs the carrots’ flavor. Senor Sweater found the dish to be unexpectedly sexy. Just like that scene in A History of Violence with Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello. I won’t link it here – but, really, check it out.

Sang – Spice-Rubbed Pork Chop with Vietnamese Caramel Gastrique and Fresh Chilies – Gail’s pork was really pink, and Suter liked the sauce.

Odette – Cold Roast Lamb with Cauliflower and Anchovy Salad – Mmm…this looked good. Gail thought it was surprisingly delicious and compared it to a dress that didn’t look good on a hanger, but looks good on. This led to her and Suter discussing wearing a meat dress. Lady Gaga approves.

– Jennifer – Orange-Ginger Marinated Skirt Steak with Pickled Cabbage and Fried Ginger – Lord Sweater felt the meat was the size of his arm. That’s what she said. Suter thought the ginger gave an interesting kick. This guy made a living doing just that.

Douglas – Kombu-Cured Scallop with Hon-Shimeji Mushroom Tsukemono – I don’t know most of those words. Gail was amazed he did this in an hour.

Neal – Pork Meatball with Cavolo Nero, Farro and Pickled Fresno Chilies – Le Grande Sweater thought it was ugly, but radiant and full of flavor. Suter was impressed by the selection of ingredients.

Richard – Beef Tiradito with Cauliflower, Apples and Salmon with Aji Amarillo Buerre Blanc – Stone thought it was a mish-mash and that Richard was going to beat up his sous. Sweater Man loved the chimi, but it was undercooked beef.