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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Preview – Wait, Is That BryanBot Returning?

Herbert Wilson– Executive Chef: Sushi Samba, Las Vegas, NV; Competing for American Heart Association – Sous Chef: Robert Silva

Wilson – The long lost Gumbel brother. Seriously. Check out pics of Bryant as a younger man. He’s been banging out great New American and Caribbean cooking for a while. In 1996, Wilson opened Bambou, designed around an upscale Caribbean concept and tapping into his Jamaican lineage. Bambou was the first of its kind in New York and garnered national attention. For the past five years, he held the position of executive chef of Bull Run Restaurant in the Financial District. He’s also the exec chef of Sushi Samba in Las Vegas. Now that’s a commute!

Silva – He looks like a 90s DJ. He’s Wilson’s Vegas sous chef whose bio is as short as Howe’s is long. He and Wilson competed in Culinary Clash at the Venetian in 2012. I assume he has some collection of Deee-lite CDs somewhere in his basement.

Sang Yoon – Executive chef and owner: Father’s Office and Lukshon Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA; Competing for Worldwide Orphans Foundation – Sous Chef: Ted Hopson

Yoon – the chef and proprietor of Father’s Office gastro pub and Lukshon restaurant in Los Angeles. Paris, NY and LA shaped him over time. “Office Burger” has been hailed as the country’s best burger by the TODAY show and Esquire magazine. Yoon has been profiled as a craft beer expert in USA Today, Food & Wine magazine, and National Public Radio and has been featured as a guest judge on both Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. That’s a great combo. He also loves champagne and hockey. Another great combo.

Hopson Have you met Ted? He started in Pasedena and made his way down to LA. His philosophy with food is “don’t forget the twist.”

Sue Zemanick – Executive Chef: Gautreau’s, New Orleans, NO; Competing for Gulf Restoration Network – Sous Chef: Nick Lama

Zemanick – Another returnee – she was on Season 3. The exec chef at Gautreau’s in New Orleans, she works at a place that reminds me of the name of a certain Pixar film about a rat that sounds like Patton Oswalt She was a 2013 Best Chef South James Beard nominee and doubled down on the Big Easy after Katrina.

Lama Lama lama red pajama. I just had to. Another one with a business background, he lost his house during Katrina and left finance for cooking afterwards. He moved to NYC and has taken off ever since. Now he’s on TV.

That’s the new cast – the sous chef competition has already begun – because I have tons on my plate this year (see what I did there?), I won’t be recapping the online activities for Top Chef. It’s just too much for a working man to handle.

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