home Cooking Top Chef Masters Season 5 Preview – Wait, Is That BryanBot Returning?

Top Chef Masters Season 5 Preview – Wait, Is That BryanBot Returning?

Top Chef Masters Season 5 Preview – Wait, Is That BryanBot Returning?

Welcome back, Cheffers. Is that a name? Can we make that happen? If so, then Watch What Happens.

Ok, back for two seconds and already not making sense. Let’s start again.

Welcome back, Top Chef fans – we are ready for Season 5 of Masters tonight – and quick…anyone able to tell me the first four winners?

I’ll wait. I have Pandora on.

Man, I expected more of you to get that – I see you’ve already forgotten the Fearsome Foursome of Rick Bayless, Marcus Samuelsson, Floyd Cardoz and Chris Cosentino (CC). Well, they haven’t forgotten you. Well, beginning on July 24, a brand new crop of top notch successful chefs begin the process of competing for the Top Chef Masters crown and some nice charity work.

The season will once again be hosted by Aussie star Curtis Stone – known as Stone on these pages. The returning judges include James Oseland – once known as Bert here because he reminds me of Sesame Street’s favorite now-able-to-get-married Muppet. However, he is now Mr. Sweater thanks to the CC-coined nickname revealed last year. Sometimes he may be Doctor Sweater, Captain Sweater, Baron Von Sweater. We’ll have fun.

Joining Kaiser Sweater will be Ruth Reichl (she needs a nickname already), Frances Lam (Lam), and a guest judge last season, but now a cast member, Lesley Suter, dining editor extraordinaire. Also, Gail Simmons will be head judge – that’s pretty cool, but I bet Doctor Sweater is not thrilled by that turn of events.

Bravo claims the challenges will be difficult and unique – we shall see – and the chefs will cook for several celebrities. Included are – Mindy Kaling (underrated TV star), Busy Philipps (on very underrated show, and I love her despite her newborn’s name), Kathie Lee Gifford (my mom loved her, let’s leave it there), Lindsay Price, the cast of Days Of our Lives, Ali Larter, and the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Wait, Yo Gabba Gabba!!! There’s a party in my tummy. So yummy, so yummy! I wonder what they’ll cook for DJ Lance, Bix Markie (seriously), the dude from Devo (double seriously) and the gang. I can’t wait!

This season will feature 13 world-renowned chefs and a grand prize of $100,000 for their charity. It also appears that the chefs will be involving their own sous chefs in the process. Thus giving me twice the names to learn and nicknames to create. Sigh. According to Bravo…
“In a new twist this season, each Master will have his or her sous chef compete in an online competition, “Battle of the Sous Chefs,” hosted by Hugh Acheson. The results of each online episode directly impacts the Masters, awarding them advantages, such as immunity (the winner of each battle earns the Top Chef Master immunity), and sometimes, disadvantages, depending on their sous chef’s performance (the chefs who perform the worst always earn obstacles for their Top Chef Master). “

So, good for Monobrow in getting the gig – but it sucks for him that it’s just a Last Chance Kitchen rip-off.

The new chefs are – with some text taken straight from Bravo’s website: