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Big Brother 15, June 30 – The Moving Company

On the season premiere of Big Brother, after the introductions, a twist was revealed that there would be two nominations each week. McCrae won the first HoH, an endurance competition. The houseguests found out that the third nomination each week will be made by the MVP, a person named by the fans each week. On Sunday Night's episode …

After the Twist is Revealed

As always, expect the unexpected.

Aaryn thinks the twist is awesome because she thinks she'll get MVP more than once.

McCrae realizes that having an MVP choosing a third nominee will really hurt. him.

Andy realizes that having an MVP means you have to suck up to everyone, not just the HoH.

Jeremy thinks the women are going to be the MVP every week, meaning he'll need to have a snuggle session with everyone.

HoH Room

The new HoH room is a blue, silver, and white cityscape.

Ginamarie feels like she's in a New Jersey club.

What's more obnoxious – Andy's kitty shirt or Ginamarie's fuzzy pink hat?

McCrae thinks he's living life of luxury.

Gummy bears have McCrae super psyched.

New Alliance

Nick starts a new alliance that includes his other alliance with Jeremy, Spence, and Howard, as well as McCrae.

McCrae wants to guess the guest list when approached about the new alliance.

The new alliance is called “The Moving Company.”

Nick likes the group because it includes a loyal sleeper, a guy who can lift anything, and two guys who can go the distance.

This gives this new group of guys a twenty-five percent chance of getting MVP every time.

Getting to Know Each Other

While Jessie thinks Kaitlin likes Jeremy, Kaitlin is irritated by his voice. She wants to ask him, “Can I blow your nose for you?

Aaryn asks David to save her if she needs it. He explains he came there for a showmance more than the money.

Amanda thinks being with Jessie is like being trapped with a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert. She gets a crush on every single guy who looks at her.

Everyone starts to realize Ellisa is Rachel's sister.

Except for Amanda. She has spent all this time making fun of Rachel.

Have Not Competition – Cooker and the Gang

Spencer has never seen a squirrel wearing a cowboy hat and eating corn.

Ginamarie explains she can't be a Have Not bechause she has heavy hair.

Elissa says, “No one comes between me and my hot shower.”

The red team are Have Nots this week.

The Have Not room resembles the inside of an airplane. They will have to sleep sitting up.


Nick is concerned about David, because he's super fit. If they get rid of him, they have no more competition.

McCrae wants to nominate two girls.

The order of the keys are: Nick, Jeremy, David, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Ginamarie, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Howard, Spencer, Judd.

McRae eventually puts Jessie and Candace up for eviction because they are the “least liked.”

“Let the MVP get the blood on their hands.”

Stay tuned for the PoV competition on Tuesday night.