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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Siberia

There's a new reality show on tonight. Sixteen strangers are dumped off in the middle of the wilderness with nothing to help them survive, other than the clothes on their backs. I ask, isn't this Survivor without the beach? It premieres tonight on NBC.

1. The Bachelorette. Desiree and her men head to Barcelona, Drew and Kasey share their concerns about James, whhhh leads to a confrontation between him and Desiree, and six bachelors go up against a female soccer team for their group date. Of course, what's a Bachelor/Bachelorette season without a little drama? 7:00 PM CT ABC

2. Carson on TCM. With all the moving around of late night talk show hosts, why not go back to the time when there was one guy who was king? TCM is featuring select interviews of Johnny Carson's. UP tonight is Drew Barrymore, Kirk Douglas, Mary Tyler Moore, Neil Simon, and George Burns. 7:00 PM CT BET

3. Bizarre Foods America. Season premiere. What's for dinner tonight? Pig head tamales form a food tuck in Watts. Yum. And how about some steamed chicken embryo in Long Beach? That's right here in America. This isn't offerings from some third-world country. You may want to eat dinner before catching this episode..” 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

4. Siberia. Series premiere. Sixteen contestants get dropped off in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Frightening events and unexpected situations threaten their survival, and leaders and followers begin to emerge from the group. Is it me or does this just sound like Survivor without the island? 9:00 PM CT NBC

5. Below Deck. Series premiere. A group of photographers are trouble. Kate has to make a decision, andSAme refuses to respect the authority of Adrienne. 9:00 PM CT Bravo