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Big Brother 15, June 27 – An Early Beginning

What's with Big Brother starting so early? It's alwaysthe week after the 4th of July holiday. It has me completely unprepared. Were you caught unprepared as well? If so, here's some facts for you of the season premiere. Before you get started, though, peruse this gallery to learn about the cast. Not that it's any different than usual, as there's even a Riley onboard, just in case we couldn't stand to go a season without any smattering at all of Rachel.


Five Facts of the Cast Introduction

1. David has too much hair.

2. Did we need to see Rachel again?

3. “I love to be better than anyone else.” Really?

4. I have always wanted to live on a boat.

5. Did we need to see Rachel again?

Five Facts of Houseguests Entering House

1. It doesn't look like the outside of a house for a change.

2. It's a problem when u choose the bathroom instead of a bedroom.

3. Elissa looks too much like her sister to get by among superfans.

4. Ginamarie could not be more annoying.

5. dazed and confused about covers it for David.

Five Facts of Champagne Intros

1. I am already tired of hearing Staten Island

2. Judd is explaining why the beach bum is dumber than hicks. Really?

3. It will be interesting too see if Helen can carry the stay-at-home mom thing really far.

4. When did bartending become just bartending again?

5. Why does everyone assume pizza boys can't be smart?

Five Facts of the Twist

1. There will be three nominees each week, not just two.

2. The Head of Household will still nominate two, as usual.

3. Julie refuses to divulge the secret right away, but warns the floaters to grab a life vest.

4. It even silenced Staten Island.

5. There will be an audience-chosen MVP each week who will get to choose the third nominee.

Five Facts of the Popsicle Factory HoH Competition

1. Judd had to throw it. Howard too. Way too obvious.

2. Jeremy wishes he could be a Popsicle with the way girls are humping them.

3. Judd figures out Elissa's identity with his extra time.

4. David and Jeremy drop to get Have Not Pass for whole summer. Jeremy gets it.

5. McCrae and Nick are left, and McCrae promises Nick he's safe, leaving McCrae as HoH.

Howard has the line of summer at the end. “It's gonna be a crazy summer.” He's right, but don't they all end up crazy? This twist is too boring. There has to be more ahead.