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Survivor: Caramoan – Finale – And The Meek Shall Inherit A Million Bucks

Treemail Top 10 and more
• Dawn was happy to get her brain back. Interesting how she made the finals with no brain. What was Brandon’s excuse?
• Interesting to see Sherri and Eddie really consider Dawn to be a bigger threat than Cochran – it is obvious they were no paying close attention to all the crying, and had no idea about the real Brenda drama. Or as Cochran called it – the weeping, sobbing and flailing of arms.
• Eddie’s brilliant plan for the money – “If I do win the million dollar prize I want to open, like, a dog kinda like shelter kennel playpen area, like attached to a bar. Like, those are my two favorite things. I like dogs and I like bars, so if I can open a bar, and, like, you just bring your dog there, that would be unbelievable.” Yes it would. And I am calling on my old neighbors who own this restaurant to do just that – you already have the name, guys. Eddie won’t notice – just distract him with a 22-year-old blonde.
• I am sure Cochran was posed as The Thinker by the show – that looked really fake.
• Winner for best looking jury member, possibly ever, is Andrea this year. Just go back and freeze frame on her pose on that bottom bench.
Anyone shopping for my birthday – Boston Rob wrote a book. Thank you.
• Malcolm can’t act. His Bold and the Beautiful appearance proved that to be true. That said, he could probably have a part on Revolution. He’d fit right in.
• Brenda becomes the first person to be on the Reunion show via satellite. Not because she couldn’t face Dawn, but because she is literally about to give birth. Congrats to Brenda – you can show the kid’s toothless mouth on TV next time. That would be acceptable.
• Cochran and Malcolm admit to be magnets for kids – Malcolm makes sense, he has that aura. Cochran resembles a kid. And his hipster getup proves the point.
• Great Survivor advice from Cochran – go to bed thinking your opponent’s moves, be calm but not complacent and vigilant but not paranoid.
• What’s with the graphic failing to give their full names? Why was this reunion show so weird?
• Dawn shut down Twitter because people are assholes. Shame on you, Twitterverse.
• Probst did a horrible job with this reunion. It makes me see why his talk show was cancelled. It was haphazard and awkward through and through.
• Phillip gives Probst a Stealth name – The Piercing Eagle. Either his Stealth name or his professional wrestler name.
• Rudy is 85 friggin years old. He is an original Navy SEAL. And he is the only person alive allowed to say queer on TV.
• Malcolm barely edges Brenda for Fan Favorite and $100K. Much closer than I expected, and I thought Cochran would be second place.

Vote 1 – Eddie 3 (Dawn, Cochran, Sherri), Dawn 1 (Eddie). Erik medically evacuated prior to the vote.

Final Vote</b< – To win…Cochran 8 (Erik, Brenda, Andrea, Reynold, Eddie, Malcolm, Phillip, Lord Snow), Dawn & Sherri 0 each. The Zero Vote Club gets two new members – Becky, Cassandra, Dreamz, Sugar, Stephen, Mick, Russell Hantz, Sash, Natalie (S22), Albert, Chelsea, and now Dawn and Sherri.

Next Season – Blood vs. Water. Essentially, it is 10 returning players vs. their loved ones. The Amazing Race of Survivor. There are rumors as to who will be back – and there are some very good and bad choices. Seasons range from One World all the way back to Borneo. Two past winners. And our second four-timer. I won’t spoil it for you guys, but it is out there if you want to see it.

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