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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 13 – The One Where Cochran May Have Won It All

The brothers are flying through it and getting dizzy. Brenda and Raymond are hanging with them. Raymond goes down, and Probst jokes – “Welcome to Survivor!” Richard hits the first shot, then Brenda. Jared and Dave get the next ones. Eddie hits one. Jared gets #2, as does Brenda. Dave makes it a three-way tie. Raymond lands the winner.

After Brenda picks Dawn and the decision is presented to her, she elects to give it to the other four. The second set of family – Cochran’s dad, Sherri’s eldest son, Erik’s other brother, and Eddie’s mom. Dawn’s best friend and Brenda’s sister barely get seen. Eddie’s mom calls him a mountain man and wants to fatten him up. Sherri remembered when she gave birth to her boy – although not sure this is too similar.

Sadly, Brenda and Dawn can see all the fun and revelry. Dawn breaks things. DAWN!!! SMASH!!! She sees them all having fun, celebrating Brenda, and she is mad, jealous, and wants to SPIT! I love that this is how Dawn curses. She screams that she JUST WANTS TO EAT! Dawn on Day 35 is scary. Brenda talks her down – little does she know…

Immunity challenge – Survivors are attached to a winch and have to hold a bar behind their backs. Probst will slowly lower them a bit over the water. Last one holding on wins. Eddie needs this challenge – so, of course, he loses. He seems as if he is just tempting them to vote him out over and over again. Cochran was first out. Erik was third. The women dominate. Sherri is next and that left Dawn and Brenda. Dawn asks for the win – and Brenda essentially gives it to her. And to her doom.

Treemail Top 10
• Probst – Arlene already slowing down! Cochran – Don’t say anything bad about my mom, Jeff! The most bad ass Cochran has ever been.
• Cochran calls the family reward the culmination of 13 years of fandom. Can you picture little boy Cochran and his mom watching Survivor on what I assume is plaid sofa?
• More fun Cochran. Dad is a bookish guy, a doctor. And yet there he is wearing sunglasses and working the grill. Cochran Senior is trying to be a cool dude…but he’s not. Cochran says that you go forward 40 years and Dr. Cochran is what you’ll see. Sherri’s son Parker just wanted a photo with Cochran – not a return to his mom’s woom.
• Cochran deserves four of these – he knows that Brenda is a threat. Likability is a liability.
• Erik has gone bye bye, Egon. (Ghostbusters quote never get old) He thinks coconuts are mocking him. Then he tries to climb a gigantic tree to get them and teach them a lesson. It’s his 70th Day on Survivor and methinks he should be done playing this game.
• Eddie – “ All the chicks that I go after and try to hook up with are voted out .” And…Eddie. Nutshell. That.
• Never bodes well for a Survivor when they talk about how the plan is perfect and the vote is clear…and 20 minutes later we watch Probst snuff their torch.
• Dawn got played by Cochran a bit here. He made her feel as if the Take Out Brenda Plan was her plan, and benefitted her, when it really didn’t.
• Boy, I imagine all of these Survivors are watching the episodes back and are just amazed at how Black Widowy the Dawn/Cochran alliance was, and how secretive. If you brought any plan to either of them, it backfired. Ask Julia, Corinne, Malcolm, Andrea and Brenda.
• Man, Andrea sure cleans up really, really, really, really, really nice. And…is she wearing the HII?!?!

Votes – Brenda 3 (Cochran, Dawn, Sherri), Eddie 2 (Brenda, Erik), Erik 1 (Eddie). Clearly Eddie was so far out of the loop he needed to send an overnight package to the loop just to check in.

Sunday – The Finale. Someone gets hurt. Someone wins. Brandon will be banned from the Reunion show, according to Russell. Fun. Fun. Fun.

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