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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – The Good Wife

The Good Wife is airing its season finale tonight, which has me wondering what CBS has planned for that time slot in the next few weeks. The Amazing Race is only at final five, so still have a few weeks left. Are they going to double it up to make it end sooner so they can then end Survivor as well? Catch up on your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. 60 Minutes. Stories include convicted serial killer Charles Cullen, and jockey Rosie Napravnik, who will ride in next week's Kentucky Derby. 6:00 PM CT CBS

2. America's Funniest Home Videos. Clips include a solider surprising his girlfriend, a Marine who cuts his wedding cake unusually, and dogs that eat with human hands. 6:00 PM CT ABC

3. NBA Basketball. Game 4 of Western Conference First Round, San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Lakers. 6:00 PM CT TNT

4. The Cleveland Show. During a weekend at East Stoolbend at Robert's apartment, Rallo makes friends with some tough kids, and Cleveland and his friends spend time at a cemetery. 6:30 PM CT Fox

5. The Amazing Race. The final five head to Scotland for a double U-turn. 7:00 PM CT CBS

6. Once Upon a Time. Hook helps Regina and Henry get back to Fairytale land, Emma becomes more and more suspicious of Tamara, and the queen asks Rumpelstiltskin to transform her so that she can kill Snow White. 7:00 PM CT ABC

7. Nikita. Alex is shattered by recent events and Amanda's programming and goes back to her former ways, striking out with a vengeance, Michael and Nikita go through the Division's ashes, and Birkhoff has a difficult time with personal loss. 7:00 PM CT CW

8. The Simpsons. Homer is asked by a trendy new pastor to be a church deacon, but when Homer begins getting a little too fervent, Bart asks for Flanders' help to find the old pastor. 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Never before seen footage. 7:00 PM CT Bravo

10. Trip Flip. Canyoning down waterfalls, careening down the ocean on a Thunder Boat, and almost naked at Bondi Beach. 7:00 PM CT Travel Channel

11. Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Chapmans travel to a railroad town in New Mexico to help an elderly bondsman. 7:00 PM CT CMT

12. MLB Baseball. Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

13. Bob's Burgers. Louise and Tina go to a Boyz 4 Now concert, and Louise ends up crushing on one of the “boys,” and Gene enters a competition for tablesetting. 7:30 PM CT Fox

14. Good Wife. Season finale. Zach believes he has seen vote tampering, leaving Will, Alicia, and Diane go through a series of emergency court proceedings on the night of the election, and an unexpected source offers to help Cary begin his own firm. 8:00 PM CT CBS

15. All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Promotional videos demonstrating home automation and entertainment systems are created by the teams. 8:00 PM CT NBC

16. Revenge. Emily, Aiden, and Nolan try to find the Fa1c0n's real identity and stop the Initiative, Emily has a difficult time with her future, and Victoria deals with some issues after a telling interview. 8:00 PM CT ABC

17. Family Guy. Rupert the teddy bear is recalled, and Stewie wants to get his best friend back, and Peter is sick and can't participate in a bowling tournament, and Lois fills in for him. 8:00 PM CT Fox

18. Oprah's Lifeclass. Oprah and r. Phil talk about finding bad guys in your life. 8:00 PM CT OWN

19. Married to Medicine. Toya disinvites Mariah's family from the Spookey Ookey party after the big brawl fallout, and Quad ends up in hot water inviting both Mariah and Toya to her Puppies in Paris gathering. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

20. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Two notorious feuding gypsy families decide to crash the others' party. 8:00 PM CT TLC

21. Doomsday on Wheels. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

22. Army Wives. The group doesn't raise the necessary money for Claudia Joy's garden, Gloria finds out Holly's hidden talent, Hector finds out about Gloria and Patrick, and Michael unknowingly encourages Kat's daughter to do an Air Force to army switch. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

23. Snapped. A women's advocacy group founder plots to killer her son's dad and wife. 8:00 PM CT Oxygen

24. Game of Thrones. The gods judge The Hound, Jaime is judged, Jon proves himself, Robb is betrayed, and Tyrion is educated about the cost of weddings. 8:00 PM CT HBO

25. Nurse Jackie. Divorce mediation proves to be no fun for a sober Jackie, especially when she ends up a patient in her own ER. 8:00 PM CT Showtime

26. American Dad. Stan is told Deputy Director Bullock seems to be getting early dementia and needs his memory erased, shocking Stan, and Roger hires a former friend to help Steve deal with a bully at school. 8:30 PM CT Fox

27. NBA Basketball. Game 4 of Western Conference First Round, Denver Nuggets at Golden State Warriors. 8:30 PM CT TNT

28. The Mentalist. A mysterious container of J.J. LaRoche's is stolen from his home, and he asks Jane for help. 9:00 PM CT CBS

29. Red Widow. Marta finds out new info about Natalie's kidnapper and the murder of her husband, Gabriel decides he will take care of a dangerous problem on his own, and Kat and Ramos renew their relationship. 9:00 PM CT ABC

30. What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Ryan and his mom bond on a trip to D.C., and Ryan tries his hand at politics. 9:00 PM CT E!

31. Oprah: Where Are They Now? Heidi Fleiss, Bow Wow, and a tribute to Roger Ebert. 9:00 PM CT OWN

32. The Kandi Factory. Ryan and his mom bond on a trip to D.C., and Ryan tries his hand at politics. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

33. Welcome to Myrtle Manor. Cecil gets real about selling the manor, Jared realizes Chelsey is his one and only, and Taylor invites Bandit back to the park. 9:00 PM CT TLC

34. The Client List. Riley and Lacy want to go to church with Georgia and Harold, Kyle gets ready to testify against his past employer, Selena warns Derek about a client who is overzealous, and Evan and Shelby go on their first date. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

35. Mad Men. Peggy sets out a plan for the future, and Roger courts a new client. 8:00 PM CT AMC

36. Veep. Selina disagrees with the Secretary of Defense during an appearance at a Marine Corps Base, and Sue testifies in front of Congress. 8:00 PM CT HBO

37. The Borgias. Despite some un-sibling-like feelings that flare up between Cesare and Lucrezia, Pope Alexander continues to use his children as political pawns. 9:00 PM CT Showtime

38. Married to Jonas. Kevin, Nick, and Joe travel to Louisiana, and Dan tries to balance family issues and a fashion photo shoot. 9:30 PM CT E!