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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 11 – A Million Dollars Or A Bucket of Buds?

Reward Challenge – None. We had an auction.

Immunity Challenge – This challenge featured nine ropes with a series of knots along the length. Survivors hold the rope with one hand on the knot, holding up one-third of their body weight. Every five minutes, you move down a knot until the end where there is no knot and you are just holding rope. Cochran’s advantage – at any point he can go back two knots. Huge advantage. He chooses to use it the first chance he had and thus maximize the amount of time he was holding less weight than the others. At the last knot, Brenda and Erik fall out. After 30 minutes and no more knots, Sherri goes. She is followed in rapid succession by Malcolm and Andrea. Dawn struggles to stay but eventually gives out. That leaves Cochran vs. the Fan AMCs. Hope you enjoyed that pizza, Reynold, because you are out next. Eddie flexes every muscle in his body but to no avail. Cochran wins. Amount of immunities won in South Pacific by Keith/Jim/Ozzy = 3. Amount of immunities won by Cochran in this season = 2, with a few more options remaining. Suck it, Savaii.

Tribal Council – Not much going on here – Sherri freaks out Dawn a bit by implying unease on her position. Andrea says she is 80% sure Malcolm has no HII. Erik also implies about potentially trading up to another alliance. Cochran talks about a foursome – and that’s a bit disturbing to imagine. But as they go to vote at the 51 minute mark – you know the 3-3-3 vote is happening.

Treemail Top 10
• Immediately after the Phillip vote, Reynold is rationalizing using three immunities to take him out. Eddie makes a lame joke about Phil’s ego.
• Dawn was soothing Brenda’s tears. Dawn. Last week, Brenda found her retainer. I guess a Meehan always pays her debts.
• Treemail for the Auction – “Do you really need a little poem?” HA!
• Cochran licks peanut butter off of Sherri’s fingers. Probst – “How often does that happen?” Cochran – “More often than you think.” Probst laughs heartily. Look at Jeff – he likes some who is not in the All-Star AMC alliance!
• Reynold thinks the peanut butter has given them a 180 degree turn. Not sure how some peanut butter has managed to make three worth more than six, but ok.
• I left it out earlier – but for $20 Survivors can get letters from home. Dawn, Sherri and Malcolm spent all their money – no letters for them. Again – horrible decisions by Sherri and Dawn, and now the disappointment is compounded.
• I love how Cochran just bailed on Andrea during her shadow of Malcolm. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
• Malcolm found two idols with no clues (three in two seasons) – and couldn’t find the one for which he had a clue. Irony.
• Was Sherri’s quote about being the one calling the shots a sly clue for upcoming weeks? Because she really isn’t calling the shots now – she’s a swing vote. There is a difference. Swing voters could be offed just as easily and as quickly as anyone else.
• Malcolm on the way out – “I need a drink!” I guess the bucket of Buds was not enough.

Vote – Andrea 3 (Reynold, Malcolm, Eddie), Malcolm 3 (Cochran, Erik, Andrea), Reynold 3 (Brenda, Dawn, Sherri)

Re-vote – Malcolm 6 (Brenda, Cochran, Erik, Dawn, Sherri, Eddie), Andrea 0

Next week – Reynold tries to balance. Cochran foretells the end of the Stealths.

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