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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – The Amazing Race

The hockey brothers have been running the show the throughout the last few legs. Will they continue now that the numbers are dwindling and it's down to the final five. Catch up on your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. 60 Minutes. Stories include dogs trained to work with soldiers and the police and a tour of the National September 11th Memorial & Museum. 6:00 PM CT CBS

2. America's Funniest Home Videos. Clips include funny signs, people on crutches, and a dog wearing booties. 6:00 PM CT ABC

3. NBA Basketball. Game 1 of Eastern Conference First Round, Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat. 6:00 PM CT TNT

4. The Cleveland Show. Donna forces Rallo to sign up for the Freedom Squirts, and Donna and Cleveland win a romantic getaway. 6:30 PM CT Fox

5. The Amazing Race. The final five teams bungee 37 stories and take on a psychedelic labyrinth in Berlin. 7:00 PM CT CBS

6. Once Upon a Time. David is asked by Mr. Gold to help job Belle's memory, Anton's magic beans s tart growing, and Rumpelstiltskin chases a thief. 7:00 PM CT ABC

7. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Part III of the reunion. 7:00 PM CT Bravo

8. Trip Flip. Bert Kreischer takes high school sweethearts from Austin on a relaxing, tropical trip to Jamaica. They may think they are going to hang out at their five-star hotel room, but Kreischer has them climbing a waterfall, rope swinging into the blue waters of the locals' Irie Pool, floating down the river on a bamboo raft, swimming with horses, enjoying a day spa in a fiery mud bath and recording music in Reggae Legend Bob Marley's studio. The drinks go down easy and the world-famous jerk chicken has never been spicier. 7:00 PM CT Travel Channel

9. Jerseylicious. Olivia gets an interview for her dream job, Anthony needs to decide what will happen to the salon after Cathy's departure, and Gigi contemplates her feelings for Frankie. 7:00 PM CT Style

10. Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Series premiere. The Chapmans help a bondsman in Denver. 7:00 PM CT Style

11. MLB Baseball. St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

12. Bob's Burgers. Linda has to take Bob to the hospital after he cuts his finger, and the kids turn the restaurant's basement into a pseudo casino. 7:30 PM CT Fox

13. Good Wife. Alicia represents software coders as a favor to her mom, and Peter asks Alicia to renew their wedding vows. 8:00 PM CT CBS

14. All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. An interactive travel expel for South Africa Tourism is tonight's project. 8:00 PM CT NBC

15. Remember Sunday. Because of his short-term memory loss, and man keeps falling in love with the same woman every day. 8:00 PM CT ABC

16. Ryan Seacrest with the Kardashians: E! News Presents. Most memorable moments of the show. 8:00 PM CT E!

17. Married to Medicine. After Mariah and Toya's fight at the party, loyalties are questioned. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

18. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. A family tries to reclaim its place in society with a Gypsy christening, a gay Gypsy couple goes against rules and gets married, and a couple finds love with their second try. 8:00 PM CT TLC

19. Extreme Survival Bunkers. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

20. Army Wives. Gloria decides to break it off with Patrick, Denise tries to lighten the tension between Gloria and Patrick,Michael and the new Air Force Colonel don't get along, Joan gets reprimanded at work, and Maggie and Caroline try to bond. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

21. Big Rich Atlanta. Season finale. Harvin and Meyer try to get their wares featured in the Ashley Paige runway show, Amandi models a bikini, and Kahdijiha and Fashlee face off. 8:00 PM CT Style

22. Mob Wives. Dr. Drew discusses the brawl between the wives, and Roman and KAren explain why they don't like Carla. 8:00 PM CT VH1

23. Game of Thrones. The Night's Watch takes stock, Varys meets his better, Arya is taken to the Brotherhood's commander, and Daenerys has an exchange. 8:00 PM CT HBO

24. Nurse Jackie. Kevin wants full custody, a bus crash patient comes back after getting sepsis, and Coop threatens to quit. 8:00 PM CT Showtime

25. American Dad. Stan gets amnesia, leaving Francine to try and trick him into being the idea husband, and Steve falls into the corrupt side of Roger's paper route business. 8:30 PM CT Fox

26. NBA Basketball. Game 1 of Western Conference First Round, Houston Rockets at Oklahoma City Thunder. 6:00 PM CT TNT

27. The Mentalist. A woman dies after getting a radio love doctor's advice, and Van Pelt and Rigsy go undercover as company struggling with their relationship. 9:00 PM CT CBS

28. What Would Ryan Lochte Do? An intro to Ryan's family and life. 9:00 PM CT E!

29. Welcome to Myrtle Manor. At the Chicken Bog cookoff, a troublemaker causes havoc, and Jared and Chelsea get closer, with jared believing he needs a better-paying job. 9:00 PM CT TLC

30. The Client List. Riley makes a personal connection with client, Kyle fights with another inmate and loses visitation privileges, Riles, Selena, and Nikki are forced to get creative when the power goes out in the salon, and Georgia helps Lacey host a baby shower for Dale's sister. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

31. Mad Men. The partners try to keep a secret campaign under wraps, and an old friend visits Joan. 8:00 PM CT AMC

32. Veep. Selina goes to a pig roast, and Dan tries Pilates. 8:00 PM CT HBO

33. The Borgias. Pope Alexander wants revenge against the cardinals, Rufio has to find support from the mercenary warlords, and Lucrezia is ticked off with her future in-laws. 9:00 PM CT Showtime

34. Married to Jonas. Kevin takes Dani on a NYC tour, and Mikey has an announcement. 9:30 PM CT E!