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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 9 – You Get Nothing, Mike Snow

Reward Challenge – So, this one was weird. They are divided into two teams of five (one doesn’t get to participate in the challenge or reward), with the winning team getting a day trip of waterfall rappelling and picnic lunching. Sherri doesn’t get picked, so she gets to sit and watch. The teams assign a goalie while the others run off a pier and try to toss a ball into a big goal. The teams are – Eddie/Erik/Reynold/Cochran/Lord Snow vs. Dawn/Phillip/Andrea/Brenda/Malcolm.

The flaw? All you had to do was toss a high lob and the goalie has no shot at it. Also, there must have been some weird editing going on because there were no last licks to tie the score. Here’s how it went – Eddie missed, Brenda scores and gives a cute giggle from the water, Erik scores, Andrea scores, Reynold loses his tossing prowess and misses low, Dawn just misses, Cochran scores – this dude is on fire, Phillip uses a stutter step and scores, Eddie’s 2nd attempt scores, Brenda’s 2nd attempt misses, and Erik wins it barefoot.

At the reward, Cochran’s hero edit continues with a triumphant rappel. Clueless Reynold then suggests the five of them team up, er, Bro up and take over. Bro up. I can think of a word that rhymes with bro for what I was thinking. Of course, unless this was tongue in cheek and edited differently than it is just another way he has failed to read a room. Cochran is not a Bro up kind of guy. Just watching South Pacific you got that – did he get along with the “bros” on his tribe? No.

Immunity Challenge – It is the Classic Janu Challenge. First shown back in Palau – the challenge which spawned Exile Island. Back then, (and again in the first FvF), as it is now, the challenge is to submerge under a grate while the tide slowly rises. Eventually you will have no room to breathe. The last one to stay under the gate wins immunity. In Palau, Janu was first out and was thus the first person to ever be sent to Exile Island. In the first FvF, Jason won this challenge. Here, Malcolm sums up the challenge pretty accurately by saying it is what they’d be doing in camp anyway. Submerging themselves in the water to stay cool.

An hour passes and no one is out, before The Specialist goes out first. Sherri is next, followed, surprisingly, by Erik. Dawn is next as Erik laments that “waves suck, man.” I was stunned to see Malcolm exit next – with all of the Dawn/Malcolm stuff in the first half-hour, I was fully expecting Malcolm to win immunity and throw off their plans. Lord Snow is next, followed by Eddie, Cochran and Reynold in rapid succession. That left Andrea and Brenda. Both had legs wrapped around the grate – and probably not coincidentally – both are the smallest two there. Perhaps they were able to squeeze in there a bit more to free up their mouth for air. Andrea loses it, goes under, and comes back for more. It happens again, but she can’t recover. Brenda wins, and someone has to dive in to tell her.

Now if only she’d talk.

Tribal Council – Did a lot here already, as that’s where the main drama was this week. My favorite part though was the weird moment where Erik picked a bug out of Andrea’s head. I guess Eddie’s not the only one flirting with Andrea. But this was all about Phillip’s speech, Malcolm’s read of it, and the whole idol exchange.

The bottom line – Malcolm is in short term trouble – but he has an idol. If he loses immunity, he probably has to play it here, or else he risks going home. The Stealths can ignore Eddie and Reynold if they want to since the idol is gone. Perhaps a good play for Malcolm would be to play up to Phillip’s ego and beg to be let back in, let the fans get booted, and then with eight left. play the idol and hit Phillip or Andrea. That breaks the core and perhaps he can link up with three of the falling pieces for a new power alliance.

Treemail Top 10
• A lot of sad piano soundtrack music, no? Even in moments where you wouldn’t expect sad piano music.
• This was not Eddie, but Phillip. To Sherri – “I remember the first time I saw you on the beach, I said, ‘Damn, she’s hot!’” Hey now!
• Why was Sherri’s arm painted? Did we miss something? Or was it a Stealth R Us initiation ritual for “Tenacity.”
• Lord Snow after the Reward – “I’m on a winning team!” Not for long. And for the last time this season – You know nothing, Lord Snow.
• Cochran on the failed Broing up – “Reynold, Edie and Michael must not know me that well that they are emphasizing the testosterone unity between us….We’re men and we hate women and we’re gonna slap each other with towels in the locker room and chug beers — that doesn’t work with me. That doesn’t appeal to me at all.” Then he used the word “numbskulls” which made me very happy.
• More Cochran – “(Rappelling) is not something I do. I rarely leave my apartment. I rarely leave Twitter.” #exaggeration #actuallyprobablytrue
• Dawn, summing up her entire role this season – “It’s nuts! The fact that I’m coming back after Corinne’s vote and Malcolm is still trusting me when I’m the person that gave the information on Corinne tells me that he’s not dialed in.”
• Reynold, or Reynolds, is the new Francesca, or Franqueska. Never change, Phillip. Never change.
• Eddie on using Andrea to get further – “She just needs to drag me for a couple of votes, then I can stand on my own feet and start punching people.” I really think Eddie was cast for a different show and got lost on the CBS plane.
• I wonder if Dawn’s earnest belief of Malcolm’s lack of an idol will come back to haunt her later on – or haunt Andrea.

Vote – Lord Snow 7 (Phillip, Andrea, Cochran, Dawn, Brenda, Sherri, Erik), Andrea 3 (Eddie, Reynold, Lord Snow), Reynold 1 (Malcolm). Great editing this week as I had no clue who was getting voted for at this Tribal. And so, Lord Snow joins the jury, and Andrea’s safe plan turns out to be the way to go.

Next week – Dawn seems to have a breakdown.

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