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Survivor, April 10 – Idol, Idol, Who’s Got the Idol

This has been one confusing episode of Survivor. Often I do work while I'm watching the show, but it didn't work too well when I tried that last night. I missed out on everything. At the end I found myself asking … what just happened? I had to rewatch the show, or at least all those key conversations, to find the changing alliances and voting plans. One thing I found was that Malcolm is one crafty guy.Once again an idol just became important in a big way, but not in the way that the other Survivors think. They think an idol was flushed out last night and that it caused no harm. They're probably pretty happy with themselves. Wait until they realize the full scope of it. Malcolm and Corinne were trying to split away from the Favorites last week to form a new alliance with the Fans. They were punished by Corinne being voted out. That made Malcolm vulnerable this week. But, in voting out Corinne, the others voted out the only other person who knew that Malcolm is holding onto an idol. Everyone seemed to know Reynold was holding onto an idol. The others feared he might give it to Eddie, so the talk became splitting the vote between the two of them. Andrea was worried about protecting Eddie, both because she likes him and because she thinks he could help her later in the game. Malcolm wanted to get her out, seeing her as the real mastermind in the Favorites alliance, despite the fact that Phillip thinks it's him. Meanwhile the others changed their plan to taking Malcolm out instead to get rid of that major threat now.Andrea caught onto Malcolm trying to convince Eddie, Reynold, and Michael to join him in voting her out. She wanted to play it safe, not knowing if he had an idol or not. She wanted to vote out Michael, the only one who they were sure didn't have the idol and feeling confident that no one would share theirs with him. At Tribal Council, once Phillip mentioned punishing those who go against his alliance, he knew he was being targeted. He pleaded with Reynold to give up his idol to him to keep him safe. Reynold did. The funny thing was the only vote Reynold got was from Malcolm. Reynold, Eddie, and Michael did what Michael told them to – votde for Andrea. The others decided to play it safe for her and voted out Michael, who became the first member of the jury.You have to appreciate Malcolm's gameplay though. He flushed out an idol, kept himself safe, and convinced others to vote his way, even Eddie, who cast a vote against his mini alliance with Andrea. All the while, Malcolm has his own idol safely tucked away that no one knows he has. That's a clever move.Malcolm is definitely dangerous, and the others know that. That's why they wanted him out. He has a chance to make it to the end, though, if he can villain-ize himself a little more. If he can make himself very unpopular, and can stick around through a few more rounds, others might want to take him to the end. The smartest players in the game are Malcolm, Andrea, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip., although Phillip implodes because of his ego. And the previews make it seem like Dawn implodes next week. Sherri thinks she's as smart as the others, but she's not; she'll be the first one to go. They're only using her votes, and if she actually believes that crap Phillip sold her, there are a few bridges around her with her name on them.Want more commentary on Survivor? Read JNT's Survivor updates on Reality Shack.