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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 8 –Ginger Kobayashi And The Case Of The Blown Blindside

Reward Challenge – None. We merged.

Immunity Challenge – While the wheelings and dealings and blindsidings were awesome, even more awesome was the fact that Cochran won a challenge. COCHRAN! Dude won a challenge. Perhaps the only challenge win more unexpected was Courtney’s win in China. Cochran has been unable to do anything on this show in two seasons, but busted out an unexpected super power this week. The Sweater Vest can eat. The Ginger Kobayashi, according to Malcolm.

The first post-merge challenge is traditionally an endurance challenge, but this season the show went with a different kind of endurance. Can you endure some classically disgusting Survivor foods? It seems Cochran can. The F12 were divided into two groups of six and had to chomp down on the beetle larvae first enjoyed way back in Season 1. The first group of Eddie, Erik, Corinne, Andrea, Sherri and Malcolm were presented with covered platters a la the surprise dishes during the Survivor Auction. Eddie’s is actually moving, instantly rattling him. They go at the bugs and Andrea and Malcolm finish rather quickly – by the way, no one should underestimate little Andrea in challenges. She’s been tough in both seasons. Eddie manages to finish third and presumably did not get bitten.

Best part – after losing, Sherri purges and Corinne drinks about a gallon of water. However, Erik shrugs and just keeps chewing. Hey, protein is protein, amirite?

The next group of Cochran, Dawn, Reynold, Phillip, Brenda and Lord Snow take center stage and also get the beetles. Not the Beatles. Goo goo ga joob. Dawn acts like a stoned teenager for a moment as she can’t figure out to wait for Probst to give the go-ahead. Cochran basically gulps them down whole while Phillip and Lord Snow make the final cut.

Round 2 has the six qualifiers eating ship worms – which looks like slimy, black wide noodles. Except instead of starch, it is made of worm. Probst explains it is actually part of the clam family – which I think has a small kingdom somewhere south of King’s Landing – and is sort of an “ocean termite.” Yummy. Malcolm and Eddie finish first, while Cochran barely edges Andrea for the third slot, as she winds up with an unfortunate ocean termite Hitler mustache. Phillip clearly threw that challenge.

Round 3 is the Tom Westman favorite – the balut. The partially formed bird embryo has bits of feather, beak, and other bird parts that you would probably never consider eating. If I recall, Tom said back in the Palau reunion that he would eat the balut in everyday life if he could. Eddie is basically out before it starts – he just repeated over and over again, “why, why?” So Cochran and Malcolm go to the end and have to at a plate of pig brains. Each of them inhale it and Cochran wins by about one second. He runs around shadow boxing as if he just took down Apollo Creed. He has “waited my whole life for this” and is excite to have Probst touch his shoulders. I will admit…I laughed aloud.

Tribal Council – Sherri boldly says that she can’t see a fan winning, setting off every ironic foreshadowing alarm bell I have at my disposal. Corinne says that everyone thinks they have a plan until they are “punched in the face.” Get ready to be punched. Reynold shows his stellar spy skills by essentially revealing the AMC plan to do a huge move in the next vote. Corinne’s face goes the full Eduardo as the votes go five in a row to Sherri (should have been a huge clue that something was up) before starting to pour in against her. The smile vanishes and the hands go over the face. As vote #6 is read she knows the jig is up…and gone. (NSFW)

Treemail Top 10
• Loved the Corinne stone face moment as Phillip tells her and Dawn about his “challenge throwing” in the post-Tribal sequence. Corinne then makes an awesome “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” reference.
• Note to Phillip – I get that you played with Boston Rob and that he’s awesome and the best Survivor player ever, yada yada. But you don’t have to drop his name constantly. Even when correctly used (regarding going after Eddie or Reynold) – “I believe, like Boston Rob, in getting rid of the power first.” And especially when totally creepy – “When you lie in bed tonight, pretend you’re Boston Rob, because that’s what I do.” Yikes.
• Speaking of going all Boston Rob, Malcolm convinces them to name the Merged Tribe “Enil Edam.” It ain’t exactly as funny as naming the tribe after Amber’s stuffed animal, but Mommy Freberg’s name backwards is pretty funny.
• Lord Snow informs us that Dawn started making sandwiches and “literally cutting the cheese” at the merge. Sure beats the diarrhea fest from last week. He knows that – although I thought he knew nothing
• When did the well become the spot for cast members to have their crying fits? That’s Blair last year, and Dawn this year.
• Don’t know why, but I loved the tiny, manly slap hug between Reynold and Phillip as the Gota crew lands on the merge beach.
• Corinne never was part of a blindside before – unless you count the smug reactions before Randy got whacked in Gabon – and now she has. Not sure if it was all she thought it would be.
• Reynold believes his “one weakness” is eating disgusting stuff. At least it isn’t overwhelming modesty, because that would be terrible.
• Eddie is most concerned that the result of the eating challenge will be going home the effects on his love life. Love being a relative term. “You’re about to hook up with a chick, she’s like, didn’t you eat, like, cow’s (either dick or shit – I couldn’t tell) or something?” Clearly, Eddie is the class act he appears to be on TV, and also clearly he is dating in some classy dating pools as well.
• Perfect Erik quote – “I have no idea what’s going on. So I feel like I’m the swing vote. I’m suddenly becoming a very valuable player, which is so cool. I just wish I knew what I was going to do.” Erik. Two Survivor seasons. In a nutshell.

Vote – Corinne 7 (Phillip, Cochran, Dawn, Andrea, Brenda, Sherri, Erik), Sherri 5 (Corinne, Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold, Lord Snow)

Next week – Malcolm tries to recover, and approaches Dawn. Kiss. Of. Death. And Eddie flirts with Andrea. Joy.

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