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Amazing Race 22 – Ep 4 – I Can’t Believe That Actually Happened

Other things happened too. But I cared little about anything other than the Dudes screwing up. Ribbon won the leg and continue to amaze. Lesser men would have been out with this injury – instead, they won both halves of the Super Leg and earned a trip and $10,000 as a result. This time, they won the leg with a little but of unexpected help from Winnie. While she tried to find Phil, Connor took a little peek at her board (that sounded a little bit dirty) and figured out the correct board to select. Pretty sneaky, Connor.

First Task – Go to the Monkey Forest. Give the monkey a marked coconut. Wait for the monkey to eat the coconut. Retrieve the small lipstick shaped scroll from inside the coconut. Man, this show enables me to write some weird sentences. My question – how did they get the note inside the coconut? I loved Pam/Winnie explaining to the cab driver where to go – “Sacred Forest Monkey Coconut.” Imagine being the driver and having these two wackos with a camera crew shouting random nouns at you and telling you where to go. I loved Pam shooing away the tourists – “we’re trying to get a monkey to come over.” And I loved, loved, loved seeing the monkeys take the coconuts up in the tree. Reactions from the Racers – priceless.

DetourSandy Bottom – Take a bucket and dig out sand from the bottom of the river, put it on your head, and take it 200 yards uphill and try to fill a larger bucket. The brick maker, who this presumably helps, will give out the clue. Fruity Top – Make something which sounded like a Gaboon, where you make an elaborate fruit headdress to take to a temple. It had to be identical to example. Pam/Winnie’s great leg continues as this is in Pam’s wheelhouse – she designs sets for a living. Mullet is also in his element because of his taxidermy hobby – building a fruit hat is just like putting the skull of an deer, whose head you just obliterated with a shotgun, back together. YouTube Meghan thinks this is like costumes and Legos – or something like that, seriously, they have their own twin language.

Roadblock – Totally Tubuler – Go to the beach and select one surfboard from a bunch of racks. It must a photo of something Racers have encountered already. The answer is a photo of the Tahitian priest who did the ceremony two legs ago. They have done three legs so far – this should not have been difficult. But four straight days of racing boiled the minds of someo of them. Underwood’s Caroline actually randomly guessed on a board after three failed attempts and got it right. Amazing.

Route Markers
• Standings from the first part of the Super Leg – Ribbon, Dudes, Slap Shot (nice comeback), Pam/Winnie, YouTube, Underwood, Derby Moms, Newlyweds, Mullets. What happened to the Mullets? Chuck was doing so well at that last Roadblock.
• Were Pam and Winnie getting their plane tickets in a luggage store? Is that a thing in New Zealand?
• Something that rarely is a good thing to hear – “I can give you the corporate phone number.”
• Underwood wondering how YouTube could possibly have tickets already. I’m going to go with magic. I’m sure there’s a Harry Potter spell for that.
• Did Caroline say the monkey’s “look like little people” when they got to the Detour? If so, I present People’s Exhibit A to all country music fans who doubt evolution.
• And, can we try and forget about Jennifer’s story about a dead flying squirrel in Caroline’s bra? Please. Because. Eww.
• Slap Shot had a horrible taxi driver. They got very lucky this week that Chuck decided to run around the entire coastline of Bali and that Dude John was being a bonehead. Because it looked like they were very far behind for a while.
• Pam thought the fruit hat looked like someone “threw up fruit on a platter.” Be careful, Pam, that could be your next Roadblock.
• Is the Show going to take great pleasure in the Derby Moms falling down? Because it sure seems like they are.
• The Underwood failure at the boards was getting comical. What we learned – Caroline doesn’t know what ‘encountered’ means and Jennifer couldn’t see surfers right before her eyes.
• Watch the end of the episode again. Jess can’t look at him. I can’t blame her

Detour Fruit – Ribbon, Newlyweds, Pam/Winnie, Underwood, YouTube, Mullets, Slap Shot, Dudes. Dudes flip over to Sand – Dudes, Derby Moms

Roadblock – Find the right surfboard – Winnie, Connor, Max, Caroline, Chuck, Joey, Bates, Mona, John

Order of Finish – Ribbon ($5k each), Pam/Winnie, Newlyweds, Underwood, YouTube, Derby Moms, Slap Shot, Mullet, Dudes (ELIMINATED)

Next Week – The Ribbon Dad saga continues. And we have a Double U-Turn on our hands, as the pack seems to be turning on the Second Fight Club Alliance.

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