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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 5 – Brandon Spills The Beans On The Favorites

Reward Challenge – I’ve said all I had to on this basically. The weight load challenge. Reynold was again a great tosser – what a strange talent he has. Sherri was incredibly horrible at this – in fact, how was it possible for a grown person to be this bad at tossing coconuts. The Faves were really good at this – even Cochran – and I was quite amused that Malcolm employed the underhand toss. And the new shade of purple created by Mike’s face as he struggled to hold the rope. Crayola will be happy to take advantage.

Immunity Challenge – Sucks to be the production staff who designed, developed and tested the challenge which was never used. Challenge called off due to crazy.

Tribal Council – Brandon almost attacked Phillip at the challenge. That left the only choice being to take care of business on site. For some reason, they wouldn’t just kick off Brandon or let him quit. They made the Faves have an impromptu vote – a public one as well – and oust Brandon via a 7-1 vote.

Treemail Top 10
• So glad that Reynold told the tribe that he was happy to be rid of the idol because it was a “point of division.” And then woke up the next day and searched for a new one.
• And Rey, after finding it, deciding to lie down next to your bro is not the best way to convey that you don’t have the new idol.
• The speed of Corinne’s grabbing of the wine at the challenge makes me think that the show Cougar Town is based on her life. That, and her alliance with Malcolm.
• Phillips challenge trash talking was pretty fun for me. This is an all-day thing baby!
• I discovered something this week – Mike looks and sounds like he could be John Malkovich’s second cousin. Just saying.
• Two great edits – Mike saying that he wanted anyone but Reynold finding the idol. Cut to Reynold finding the idol. And Matt saying that the tribe needed something good to happen. Cut to…Brandon.
• Loved the reaction shots from the Faves. Malcolm and Brenda had awesome uh-oh faces. Dawn was doing Lamaze breathing. Corinne gave the Fans a he’s crazy look. Andrea just broke down in huge sobs. However, Reynold was the King of the Eliza/RC Reaction Shot. He pushed it too far when he asked Probst for a hands-up challenge win gesture – I mean, come on, a man just went bonkers in front of you. Just take your forfeit and go home.
• Notice how the first fight in camp over the challenge credit took place on Day 11. The Incident took place on Day 13. What happened in those two days that led to that?
• I feel for ZZ Top. I got trench foot after three days of mud at Woodstock 94. Looking at his feet reminds me of those painful couple of days post-festival. That hurts like hell.
• I really don’t want to go into detail of what was said – the language used, etc. He’s already gotten enough attention, and probably not nearly enough of the medical kind. As Dawn said, the tribe is not better with him gone, Brandon is better off.

Votes – Brandon 7 (Phillip, Malcolm, Brenda, Andrea, Corinne, Erik, Dawn), Phillip 1 (Brandon)

Next week – With Brandon gone, Corinne seems to be the new foil for The Specialist. And it sure looks we a drop your buffs moment coming.

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