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What’s Hot on TV Friday and Saturday – Justin Timberlake on SNL

Some of the best Saturday Night Live bits the last ten years have been with Justin Timberlake guesting. Dick in the Box and Mother Lover are classics. Tonight he guest hosts and performs as the musical guest as well. Catch up with your favorite shows you may have missed at TV-Links.


1. Undercover Boss. The CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows goes undercover in his own company. 7:00 PM CT CBS

2. Fashion Star. Season premiere. This season – the mentors have teams! 7:00 PM CT NBC

3. Last Man Standing. Mike hires a private soccer coach with hopes of helping Eve win a scholarship, and the Baxter household ladies get charmed by the young man. 7:00 PM CT ABC

4. Nikita. Trying to get teh black box back, Amanda makes a plan to kidnap Ari's son, and Michael comes to a decision that has Owen furious. 7:00 PM CT CW

5. Kitchen Nightmares. Chef Gordon Ramsay lends his expertise to Mill Street Bistro in Ohio. 7:00 PM CT Fox

6. Return to Nim's Island. When Nim (Irwin) and her father Jack (Lillard) discover that resort developers plan to buy Nim’s Island, they know they must protect the endangered wildlife that inhabit it. Nim embarks on an adventure that pits her and her animal allies against resort developers and animal poachers. With such strong opposing forces working against her in this adventure, Nim realizes she can’t depend on her animal cohorts alone and relies on her first human friend, Edmund (Wallace), to help save her home. 7:00 PM CT Hallmark Channel

7. Police Women of Dallas. Cheryl has to draw her gun, Yvette takes care of a hostile suspect, Angela investigates an armed robbery, and Tracy handles her fear of dogs. 7:00 PM CT OWN

8. Four Weddings. Vivian's wedding is a jungle-themed brunch, complete with monkeys, Debbie's features peacocks, Kim styles hers with red and black, and Bianca also has a peacock theme. 7:00 PM CT TLC

9. NBA Basketball. Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

10. Malibu Country Kim's husband has an overly friendly kiss for Reba, Lillie Mae goes to a nude beach and get an all-over sunburn, and June sets out to test REba's boundaries. 7:30 PM CT ABC

11. Golden Boy. A teenager is left injured and a gang member dies after an incident in the projects, Clark investigates, and Clark is threatened by Arroyo. 8:00 PM CT CBS

12.Grimm. Nick finds out the truth about Juliette and Capt. Renard and deals with the consequences and must investigation his own crime, and Wu responds to a shooting that takes place at Nick's house. 8:00 PM CT NBC

13. Shark Tank. The inventions proposed include a workout program teaching how to stay in her heart rate zone, a traveling disco van for dance parties with kids, and a cell phone case that is indestructible. Also, an update on The Painted Pretzel. 8:00 PM CT ABC

14. Cult. Jeff finds a surprise visitor in Nate's apartment and finds out Nate was the host of a dangerous game, and E.J. finds out Nate has been active online. 8:00 PM CT CW

15. Touch. Calvin offers a trouble deal for Amelia return to Lucy, Trevor at Breakwire aids Martin and Jalke in looking for Lucy for Lucy, Guillermo meets a hiking man in the desert, and that leads to life-altering decisions. 8:00 PM CT Fox

16. Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. Season premiere. In the first half hour, ABC News Bride Linsey looks or the perfect dress, but everything her entourages likes doesn't meet her expectations, and Bride Tessie desires to be a princess. On the second half hour, a young widow wants to get married the second time onstage at a Tran concert, and a virgin bride goes to the bridal shop for the first time. 8:00 PM CT TLC

17. Tanked: Unfiltered. Brett and Wayde discuss the the staircase tank in Chicago and Caribbean-inspired aquarium in Philadelphia. 8:00 PM CT TLC

18. Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin examine war-torn locations filled with echoes of America's violent history. These unbelievable moments take place at Remington Arms Factory – Bridgeport, CT; Sloss Furnace – Birmingham, AL; Hales Bar Marina and Dam – Haletown, TN; Fort Chaffee – Fort Smith, AR; USS Hornet – San Francisco, CA; Execution Rocks Lighthouse – Long Island, NY; Castillo de San Marcos -St. Augustine, FL; Rocky Point Manor – Perryville, KY.. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

19. Boxing. Victor Cayo vs. Emmanuel Taylor from Atlantic City, NJ. 8:00 PM CT ESPN 2

20. Spartacus: War of the Damned. Cassius leads an onslaught against the city occupied by rebels, trapping Gannicus behind enemy lines, and Tiberius is forced to hold a celebration honoring a man he despises.. 8:00 PM CT Starz

21. Blue Bloods. Bank robbers disarm an off-duty cop, an innocent bystander is mounded, and Frank begins falling for a woman from ACLU. 9:00 PM CT CBS

22. Rock Center with Brian Williams. Stories include one of America's poorest cities' residents, the effect of the Catholic Church finding out about Vatican secrets, and Under Armor CEO Kevin Park. 9:00 PM CT NBC

23. Merlin. Merlin knows he must act fast before Morgana's twisted control over Gwen gets further out of hand. But only the most powerful magic can save the Queen and this will not be easy, even for Merlin. As the High Priestess tightens her grip on Camelot, one thing is clear; she will not give up her puppet without a fight. 9:00 PM CT NBC

24. Something Borrowed, Something New. Against her family's wishes, Aisha insists on wearing a red gown for her Burlesque theme, and her future sister-in-law offers her own designer gown to be dyed. 9:00 PM CT TLC

25. The Dead Files. Season premiere, Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi head to Egg Harbor City, NJ, where one couple’s home has turned from a cozy fixer-upper into a living hell. Despite making renovations, “dark feelings” intensified and manifested into unexplained voices, shadow figures and an overwhelming sense of being watched – frightening both the couple and their five-year-old son. 9:00 PM CT Travel Channel

26. Real Time with Bill Maher. The panelists include Charlie LeDuff, David Cross, Arianna Huffington, Avik Roy, and Michael Steele. 9:00 PM CT HBO

27. Banshee. As Rabbit (Ben Cross) closes in on Lucas and Carrie, she flees the hospital in a desperate attempt to collect her family and get them out of town. Kai introduces Rebecca to the business world, and sends Lucas a message about fooling around with his niece. Alex recruits one of Kai’s thugs, who has gambling issues, to deal with a work-stoppage problem at the casino.Please let me know if you’re able to run anything. 9:00 PM CT Cinemax

28. NBA Basketball. Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors. 9:30 PM CT ESPN


1. College Basketball. Florida at Kentucky. 11:00 AM CT CBS

2. College Basketball. Syracuse at Georgetown. 11:00 AM CT ESPN

3. College Basketball. Final of Atlantic Sun Tournament. 11:00 AM CT ESPN 2

4. College Basketball. UCLA at Washington. 1:00 PM CT CBS

5. PGA Tour Golf. Third Round of WGC Cadillac Championship from Doral Golf Resort in Doral, FL. 2:00 PM CT NBC

6. College Basketball. Marquette at St. John's. 1:00 PM CT ESPN

7. College Basketball. North Carolina State at Florida State. 1:00 PM CT ESPN 2

8. College Basketball. Notre Dame at Louisville. 3:00 PM CT CBS

9. College Basketball. Missouri at Tennessee. 3:00 PM CT ESPN

10. NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series. Sam's Town 300 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas. 3:15 PM CT ESPN 2

11. College Basketball. Kansas at Baylor. 5:00 PM CT ESPN

12. College Basketball. Final of Ohio Valley Tournament. 6:00 PM CT ESPN 2

13. American Ninja Warrior. Contestants look to land a spot in the finals. 7:00 PM CT NBC

14. Cops. A man collapses, complaining of heart trouble after crashing into a sign and taking off on foot, cops find meth and possible stolen materials in the pocket of a suspect, and a couple argues over a damaged wall. 7:00 PM CT Fox

15. Too Cute!. Nine keeshond puppies making friends with ducks, a young Great Dane, and five cocker spaniel puppies. 7:00 PM CT Animal Planet

16. Tom Dick & Harriet. When a veteran Ad Man is forced out of the advertising world by his youth-obsessed company, he turns to a con-man to be the face of his creative ideas, fooling everyone including his daughter and the company’s beautiful art director. 8:00 PM CT Hallmark Channel

17. Blackboard Wars. The school has its homecoming, and the community's resistance threatens to hurt the progress of the school. 8:00 PM CT OWN

18. 48 Hours: Hard Evidence. In the first hour, a college student dies after a hit-and-run, and the man driving turns out to be her dad. In the second half hour, a man finds his wife dead in their home and doesn't want to believe it was suicide, leading her mom to launch her own investigation. 8:00 PM CT TLC

19. Pit Boss. Ashley starts a new job as a talent agent as Shortywood goes downhill, and Ron and Seb try rescuing an abused dog from a fire escape where it's trapped. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

20. Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best. The Rivers head to Colonial America for vacation. 8:00 PM CT WE

21. College Basketball. Duke at North Carolina. 8:00 PM CT ESPN

22. College Basketball. First semifinal of West Coast Conference Tournament from Las Vegas. 8:00 PM CT ESPN 2

23. Think Like a Man. A group of women buy a book by Steve Harvey and follow its advice, leading to to their men to conspire and use insider information from the book against the ladies to teach them a lesson. 8:00 PM CT Starz

24. 48 Hours. A 55-year-old case features a childhood memory. 8:00 PM CT CBS

25. Flipping Boston. The boys are convinced it's time to renovate the restaurant after a fire in Pete's pizza shop, and the flippers rush to complete the work in a week to ensure a successful grand opening. 9:00 PM CT A&E

26. Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal. Couples who have experienced infidelity issues. 9:00 PM CT OWN

27. College Basketball. Second semifinal of West Coast Conference Tournament from Las Vegas. 10:00 PM CT ESPN 2

28. Saturday Night Live. Justin Timberlake is the guest host and the musical guest. 10:30 PM CT NBC