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Project Runway 11: Senior Fling

Last week on Project Runway, the reams were dismantled, and the designers told to work in pairs.  As for the challenge, each pair had to make a stage look and a red carpet look for the country singer, Miranda Lambert.  Richard won and Matt was sent home.

The following morning, Matt’s roommates all notice that it’s a lot quieter with him gone.  Daniel, who had been in the bottom, vows to do better.  Benjamin, by contrast, is feeling more confident as he’d had a good showing.  Michelle wonders what will happen now that her teammate, Matthew, is gone.  She guesses she’ll be put on a team– which is fine, provided she doesn’t have to work with Patricia.

On the runway, Heidi quickly answers Michelle’s unspoken question.  She will draw a name from the black velvet button bag, and that will be the name of one Michelle’s new teammates.  She calls Patricia’s name.  Patricia’s delighted, but Michelle isn’t.

Heidi then sends the designers off to meet Tim, who is at a dance hall filled with older people.  They invite the designers to join them in a dance, and the designers do so, albeit self-consciously.  Tim then explains the challenge:  Design a fashionable look for a “mature” woman.  The female dancers will be their clients and models.

The designers are then given the traditional thirty minutes to caucus and sketch.  Amanda’s client turns out to be a painter.  Stanley’s client asks for a jump suit.  Daniel’s client is going on a cruise and wants something special to wear.  Kate’s client advises her to be a “slut” while she’s still young; Kate later DR’s that she’s already engaged, thank you very much.  Then it’s off to Mood, where the designers will have thirty minutes and $200.00 to spend.  Benjamin gets a turquoise fabric since that’s his client’s favorite color.

Back at the workroom, Amanda is already suffering buyer’s remorse.  She fell in love with a red and blue print and didn’t stop to think about how well it would work for the structured garment she’d originally planned.  It’s very light and floaty, so it probably won’t work particularly well.  Ooops.  Daniel, who is apparently nervous about making something too matronly and thus ending up in the bottom again, peppers Samantha with questions.

Tim comes in to make her rounds, and starts with Richard and Stanley.  Richard is making a green dress with wide black trim, and Tim warns him about “overwhelming” his client.  Stanley hasn’t even begun sewing his garment and Tim warns him about the time.  Kate is making a dark top and bright print skirt, and Tim thinks she seems to be combining a winter look (the top) with a spring look (the skirt.)  Tu shows off his green dress, and Tim comments on the “ambitious” tailoring.

Daniel’s client asked for a “sexy suit,” and Daniel means to deliver.  Samantha’s client loves leopard print, as does Samantha herself.  Tim seems pleased with Michelle and Layana, but warns Patricia that her poncho and skirt combo could make her client look heavy, as voluminous looks do.  He then warns Benjamin that his look could look “matronly,” and agrees with Amanda that her look is a “vintage housecoat.”

The clients come in to try on their new looks, much to Amanda’s distress, as she doesn’t feel ready.  Benjamin’s client, a comedienne named Holly, passes Stanley in an aisle– and pinches his butt.  She DR’s “I had to!  It was tempting!”  Amusing– but not if the sexes had been reversed….

Patricia and her client both agree that the poncho is a loser, so Patricia scraps it and starts over.  Tu is also having problems with his look, as it doesn’t quite fit right.

The following morning is the day of the runway show, so the designers get back to work.  Tim sends in the clients.  Amanda finds she’s running low on fabric– and she still has to finish her sleeves.  Patricia is working on a cape.  While many of the clients go to hair and make-up, Tu’s client comments that his dress makes her look fat.  Benjamin’s dress is very tight, but Holly likes it anyway.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the judges.  The fashion designer Rachel Roy is subbing for Zac Posen.  The guest judges are the comedienne Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa.

Michelle made a red, green and white print dress.  It’s sleeveless and has a fairly low-cut neckline.  Michelle also provided black stockings or leggings.  Layana made a purple and gray  dress with short sleeves.  Patricia made a dark blue skirt, a gold top, and a dark turquoise capelet.  The top and the capelet both have ragged hems, and together they make the client look heavier than she is.

Stanley made a dark blue-purple jumpsuit with mid-length sleeves.  He added a sequined belt to the look.  Richard made a dress that has a black back, but a green front.  He used wide black strips as trim for the green part.  The dress also has bat-wing sleeves.

Tu made a dark green dress with mid-length sleeves and a voluminous skirt.  He also gave the client a wide brown belt.  Kate made a long-sleeved black top and a red, white, and blue floral print skirt.

Samantha made a leopard print skirt.  So far, so good.  Then she made a shiny chartreuse shirt with poofy, princess sleeves.  The client’s a little old for the Snow White look, in my opinion.  Then Samantha lost her mind and made a black sash… which she then tied in a big bow.  Daniel made a black jump suit.  The jacket has mid-length sleeves.  Daniel added a blue shirt to the ensemble.

Amanda made a red and blue dress with short sleeves and a keyhole collar.  It doesn’t look too bad from the front, but the back reveals serious fit and construction problems.  It even looks as if the skirt might not have been hemmed properly.  Benjamin made a shiny turquoise dress with mid-length sleeves and an odd seam running across the bottom of the skirt.  The bodice and the sleeves are much too tight.

Afterwards,  Heidi tells Layana, Michelle, and Patricia that they are safe.  Then she adds that Layana and Michelle had high scores, while Patricia had a low score.  The most benign interpretation of this is a reminder that the teams need to work together even in challenges that don’t call for cohesive collections.  A less benign interpretation is that it’s an attempt to stir up drama, by handing Layana and Michelle an excuse to try and bully Patricia.

The other teams have to face the judges.  Richard, Stanley, Daniel, and Samantha all got high scores, while Kate, Tu, Benjamin, and Amanda got low scores.

The judges start with Daniel, who told them that his client wanted something for a cruise.  His client, Susan, likes her suit.  The judges like it, too, but Joan believes it “needs more pop” and looks like a “first wife” outfit.

Samantha tells the judges that her client had just lost 30 pounds and adored leopard print.  Joan thinks the client’s outfit makes her look like “a menopausal kitten.”  The judges like the skirt, but dislike the big bow and the princess sleeves on the shirt, which are way too young for even the most young-at-heart senior citizen.

Stanley wanted to make something elegant for his client.  Heidi points out that the pants need to be longer and that the crotch area of said pants needs work.  Joan calls the look “age appropriate sexy.”

Richard says that his client wanted a comfortable and versatile look.  Joan likes how the dress shows the client’s legs.  Nina believes it would work for many body types.  Heidi declares she would wear it.

Amanda tells the judges that her client was a painter, which had inspired her to make a print dress.  The judges agree that the abstract print was a clever idea, but the dress itself is poorly made.  Nina also thinks it’s too girly and undignified.

Benjamin’s client, Holly, asked for a turquoise party dress, so that’s what he made.  Holly loves it.  Heidi thinks it looks extremely and uncomfortably tight.  Nina points out the skirt is lop-sided.

Tu’s client asked for a green dress.  Nina praises the color choice, which is flattering, but says there is too much fabric.  Joan dismisses the look as an “old lady dress,” and the client thinks it makes her look fat.  The judges are also not impressed when Tu admits that the belt is the only thing holding the dress together.

Kate’s client is an interior decorator, so Kate wanted to make something reflecting her artistic sensibility.  Nina loves the fabric used in the look.  Heidi also likes the outfit.

The judges then have their chat.  Stanley’s design is both elegant and comfortable.  Richard’s is youthful and versatile.  Samantha’s look is also youthful.  Daniel’s look boasts beautiful tailoring and interesting details.

As for the designers they didn’t like…  Benjamin’s dress was tight and looked heavy.  Amanda’s look was more appropriate for a young girl than a mature woman.  Kate made a good dress, but her partner Tu made an unflattering look.

Heidi then announces the winner:  Stanley.  Richard, Daniel, and Samantha are all in.  Kate and Tu are also safe, leaving Amanda and Benjamin in the bottom.  Benjamin is out, so Amanda is in.

Next week:  The designers have to use Duck Tape to make prom dresses.  High school students will vote on their designs.