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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 3 – Hopelessly Devoted to You

Tribal Council – Ugh. I can sum it up by quoting Probst, “What is it about Shamar?” They all get asked that question. And I am bored. Split vote. Re-vote. And I hope at the very end that Hope realized the error she made and how she missed her chance to save herself. At least she and Allie can hang out – but they better not be mean to Francesca. She’s been through enough.

Treemail Top 10
• I think if you view this season as a Survivor experiment into comedy and parody then it will be fun. There are so few players actually playing a serious game of Survivor, and far too many buffoons and weirdos that it can only be a joke. Of course, there is time, but I think we may be viewing some Andy Kaufman meta joke at our expense.
• Note to Phillip – when a basketball shot has “nothing but air,” it is called an air ball. And it is not a good basketball move.
• Does it seem to you that Brandon is trying too hard to be a “tough guy” or to be a wild card, what with all this talk of peeing in the food and burning down the shelter? It’s like he is trying the way Coach, Jerri, and others who had a second chance, to remake his image. It rarely works very well.
• Hey Reynold, in “Revenge of the Nerds,” the nerds won. And the lead nerd went on to become a Chicago doctor. So, watch it.
• Look carefully, but I think the editors missed a bit of…er…Malcolm adjustment. You know, of his “hidden idol.”
• So, Phillip’s giant hat. Did he join a mariachi band?
• What would one serve at a “Freudian picnic?” I’m assuming lots of foot-long sandwiches.
• Someone make a gif of Brandon running. It’s so bad. It’s like Phoebe running.
• Cochran and Andrea. Now, that’s an odd pairing if ever. I mean, that’s like a Revenge of the Nerds sequel.
• I make fun of Phillip, but for a 54-year-old man, he is in great shape. Good for him.

Votes – First try – Eddie 3 (Hulka, ZZ Top, Michael), Hope 3 (Cougar, Julia, Laura), Hulka 3 (Eddie, Hope, Reynold).

Votes – Second try – Hope 5 (ZZ Top, Michael, Cougar, Julia, Laura), Hulka 1 (Reynold)

Next week – Eddie and the Cougar fight. Then the camp is overrun by rats and a hurricane.

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