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Survivor: Caramoan – Ep 3 – Hopelessly Devoted to You

Meanwhile, the Faves did…what, exactly? Erik and Dawn didn’t actually speak this week, and neither did Brenda, although she did exercise in the distance. Cochran talked, in a meta moment, of the sensation of watching Survivor while he’s playing Survivor. Whoa. Through the looking glass stuff here, right? The Specialist did not do much other than exercise and tell us about how he plays basketball with people twice his size. So, giants, right?

Most of the action on the Faves’ camp comes from Malcolm and Corinne, who finally get a few moments to do and say something. The two of them – a somewhat unexpected pairing, if you ask me – say they linked up because the rest of the Faves are all paired up with someone from their original seasons (Phil/Andrea, Brandon/Cochran, Dawn), apparently forgetting the same way the editors have forgotten that Brenda and Erik are still on the show.

Anyway, The Odd Couple are searching for an idol, and like Reynold and too many others before them, they find it without the use of a clue. They celebrate rather intimately to the point where if it was a rom-com they would have started making out on the spot. Snark aside, this means that Malcolm has an idol for the second time in back-to-back seasons. I have a feeling he will need this one more than the last one.

Andrea might be overplaying the game a bit. Based on what we are watching, their six is pretty solid. They have vote fodder if they need it, and they must know they are likely to be shuffled soon – if the last FvF is any indication. So why get all paranoid and seek to replace Corinne for Brandon in the alliance? Is it fear of a coupling? Andrea sure knows what could happen there – ask poor Matt about that. But is that worth subbing out Corinne for the insanity of Brandon? You already have an attention buffer in your alliance!

Anyway, so that’s really all that happened. The Shamar Show and Malcolm’s idol. I am hoping the season picks up soon because I am beginning to yawn a bit.

Challenge – However, the challenge kicked some serious ass. Although it was complicated. Brandon whooped it up upon arrival and unveiled the statue complete with a tribe buff as a headband. We have some serious trash talking and actions coming from the Faves now. In this challenge, the whole tribe swims out to a cage, which is partially underwater. They all have to climb over the top and in the cage before they are allowed to dive down and untie the underwater door. Afterwards, they have to drag a heavy crate to shore.

But that’s not all! Next they have to lug the crate onto a platform track. However, the track is broken into pieces. A tribesmember has to toss a grapping hook and secure the pieces of track. One by one (three in fact) they add the track, drag the trunk, and eventually reach the end. Nice challenge. The prize is immunity and a bunch of chairs, pillows and blankets.

Despite Laura’s bizarre backstroke, the Fans get through first, although we are treated to gratuitous Brenda ass shots (see, she is in the episode), The Specialist getting hoisted up by the bum, and Corinne doing such an awkward dive, she should be on that Louie Anderson diving show. Hulka wants the goggles so he can dive down and untie the gate – because he wears contacts. Eddie does it instead. It is not really an issue because Brandon struggles a bit and, as previously stated, the Fans are through first.

We see some outstanding underwater camera work as the Fans move the crate in unison to shore. The Faves struggle a bit, but eventually hit the shore and figure out a better rolling technique with the crate and basically even things up. For the third week in a row, we have Malcolm and Reynold in a tossing battle. Reynold hits one. The Specialist nails the Faves’, while Eddie misses his attempts. Malcolm does a nice wrist flick and hits their second. Hulka steps up to even things out. It is down to Brandon and Eddie tossing the ring, with Brandon being just a bit less awkward in style and success. Faves win.