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Ripped Off!! – American Idol 4 – 3/9/05

Ripped Off! American Idol 3 March 9

by Annie

Welcome to the recap of American Idol’s elimination show, aka The Showcase of Commercials. By the second half of this 30 minute episode I was so weary of commercials that I started to time it and for every three minutes of Idol, we were getting four minutes of ads. Ugh! And once again – NO music, NO entertainment. I’m hoping there won’t be any more shows like this. I want to be entertained!

There were over 120 million votes cast for the contestants. Since that is about half the population of the United States, I’m getting the feeling that some of you might be voting more than once (besides Janay’s family – which was a given!). You know who you are!

Due to the overwhelming participation of the sponsors, there isn’t much time for chit-chat on the show tonight. Ryan does his usual “which-one-will-go” and SURPRISE – neither one goes. Am I the only one that finds this so very predictable – and tiring? And while I’m whining, can we do something about Ryan’s clothes? We totally dawg the contestants for what they wear but what about Ryan? Each week he comes out looking more and more like a homeless guy. Is sloppiness his goal? Did I miss the memo that announced that “sloppy” now is sexy?

Ok – *deep breath* – I’m done complaining. On to the results….

Anthony, Carrie, Scott, Anwar, and Jessica are in and take their seats in the Final 12 Section.

Say good-bye to Travis and Nikko. I think Nikko was about to cry.

Mikalah, Bo, Constantine, Lindsey, Mario, Nadia and Vonzell fill the rest of the final 12 seats.

Leaving us with good byes for Janay and Amanda.

So there you have the final 12. Not a bad group at all. I think we are in for some good entertainment – finally!



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