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Attack of Courtney The Crack Monkey! – The Starlet, Episode 2

Attack of Courtney the Crack Monkey The Starlet Episode 2

Attack of Courtney the Crack Monkey! – The Starlet, Episode 2

“C’mere honey and give me some lip-lock.”

Can you imagine yourself in a steamy, passionate scene…with a huge, overstuffed Teddy Bear? Okay, now include a crowd of onlookers and cameras in a sterile classroom full of chairs and electrical equipment, so that it can be recorded for posterity. Finally, add to the mix the fact you will be judged how sexy and passionate you can be with Sir Teddy Bear. This was the first challenge our now eight lovelies faced on a day that didn’t begin with smiles and cheery dispositions.

The morning began a little earlier than they’d like as Katie woke them from their beauty sleep with the blasting of the hairdryer. Remember, these girls are sharing one big room and one bathroom. She further endeared herself by constantly chattering away about whatever came into her head. The dead-pan stares were a quick giveaway as to how they feel about Katie. She is dancing the electric slide on their last nerve.

Now they are expected to generate passion with a stuffed animal? In front of everyone? Bernard Hiller, a famous acting teacher, assures them that it will help unblock themselves as actresses, and that even Cameron Diaz had doubts and fears about this.

Some of the girls began with a strip tease to get themselves (and the bear) into the mood. In her interview, Cecile said she imagined the bear as a real person and that helped a lot. The most unusual seduction was from Katie who seemed to turn it into some teary, emotional rolling around on the floor. No kisses and moans like the other girls. This seemed to freak out the other girls, as they could only look on in shock and embarrassment.

Next, the girls used eight gorgeous men for their sexual lessons. The girls were required to perform a sexy dance in front of the men, and from the shots of the men’s faces; they were doing this quite well.

Katie, however, was a bit of a joke. Dressed in her lime green coat, fuchsia boa and yellow hat, she looked ridiculous jumping around her man. Courtney and Mercedes were very uncomfortable and stiff and this showed in their performances. Donna, who is a model and feels very good about herself and her body, danced around the room, but didn’t exude sexuality. She looked like she was prancing down the runway. Michelynne, on the other hand, moved slowly and sensually, using her head full of long hair and bedroom eyes to get the message across. Amazing since according to her, she has not had much experience with men.

Winners of these little competitions get to stay in the Diva Suite, which is a huge bedroom and bathroom, all their own until the next competition. The winner of this lesson was of course Michelynne. She also won the star treatment that includes a limo, a makeover and new wardrobe.

These sexuality lessons were in preparation for the next screen test – a passionate scene with another woman in a hot tub. Upon hearing this information, the girls sat in their chairs with stunned looks. Mercedes closed her eyes and then her face started to twitch. Cecile could only smile a Cheshire grin and shake her head. Katie looked worried.

Later that day, the girls quickly laid claim to their prospective lesbian partners. Courtney felt like she did in school, being the last one chosen for the team. She will partner with Michelynne, who wasn’t there at the time to voice her choice.

Practice makes perfect, so the girls use the rest of the day to get over their nerves and get the first kiss out of the way. Amidst lots of giggles, false starts and absolute revulsion, they struggle to make the scene work so they will not get axed. To help them, Jaime Pressly, an actress from the show “Fastlane”, arrived to lead a discussion about being an actress and doing your job without getting personal and taking it too seriously.

That evening it was screen test time. Everyone dressed in their bathing suits and took their turns in the hot tub. Katie and Donna went first. After a few sentences of friendly conversation, Katie leaped at Donna and took a bite out of her. Donna didn’t feel good about the scene, and said if she was axed today, it would be because of Katie.

Mercedes and Cecile were able to make the scene believable. Mercedes later said she wasn’t really there and thought she was incredibly stiff. Cecile felt she nailed it and told Mercedes she was a good kisser. Next up was Courtney and Michelynne.

Courtney attacked Michelynne the minute the scene began and tried to turn it into a porno flick. Michelynne’s body language said, “I want out and you off of me.” Michelynne was shocked since they had not rehearsed it that way. It was not something she liked and she is afraid that it will show in her film.

The girls prepared for the judging panel with knots in their stomachs.

Reactions from the judges were verbal and physical. Comments of overacting, commendations for actually kissing another girl and expectations were rampant. However, all three judges jolted back and covered their eyes, when the test for Courtney and Michelynne played. Joseph Middleton called her a “crack monkey”.

In the end, Courtney and Neva had to say goodbye and yes, Katie was spared this time. But there’s always next Tuesday!

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