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The Amazing Race, Feb. 17 – Looking for a Vodka-7 But Finding a Clue

Connor tells Dave there are still nine clues out there, but he thinks all the castles have been gone through. Just as he says this, he finds a clue. Matt can’t say anything bad about Daniel as he’s in the hot sun working hard. They have to be used to working in heat being firefighters, no? Beth finds the clue and wants to thank Jesus.

Dave and Connor paddle their outrigger as Max knows Katie’s starting to get fatigued. Pam finds her clue, and she and Winnie take off. Joey finds his clue as Idries is just hoping everyone stops talking.

Dave and Connor get third place on Phil’s mat and hope Jessica and John stick to their word and give them the second Express Pass.

Caroline tells Jennifer she’s good at this because she’s so patient. They figure they’re good at that after being used to knocking on doors looking for their big break as country artists. Finally Idries finds a clue, and he and his brother take off. They’re worried about putting the boat together right, being from Chicago.

Wynona is still talking about getting a vodka/7-Up. Just after she says this she finds a clue, upsetting Caroline.

Pam and Winnie reach Phil’s mat and are named team number four, Mona and Beth team number five. They are ecstatic to come from last place and say they learn from their mistakes, just like in the roller derby.

The doctors fall over in their boat and know they’re screwed as they try to bail out. Joey and Megan are named team number six, and Chuck and Wynona team number seven. Phil talks to Chuck about his hair, saying they’ve never had hair like that on the Race before. “It’s business in the front and party in the back.

Jennifer and Daniel are still digging, as is Katie.

The OB/GYNS arrive on Phil’s mat to take eighth place.

Daniel and Matt have been at this for three hours now, digging and making sand castles. Caroline tells Jennifer she’ll have to keep doing this forever maybe. The fear is that another team will blindly knock over a sand castle and find the clue. Max feels bad and wishes he were doing it for Katie. Caroline is thinking they need a lesson in patience.

Katie suggests they all take a penalty so that the team that runs to the pit stop in last place is eliminated, while the other two teams will start at the same time in the next leg. She knows they’re the faster team. Daniel knows he and Matt can beat the others. They make a blood pact and go on a footrace to the mat to take the penalty. Matt figures he and Daniel have this as they enter the water. Max and Katie are out as well and the girls are just entering the water. The firefighters spill out and get right back in there. Max encourages Katie to dig deep while Caroline and Jennifer are trying to catch up to the others. The firefighters spill again and feel like they might be in last place.

Max and Katie run in for team number nine, with Caroline and Jennifer being named team number ten. Phil explains that the penalty will be on the next leg and that this means the firefighters will be eliminated.

Once on his mat, Matt and Daniel understand and say they left it all on the table and Bora Bora won. They never would have figured they’d be eliminated canoeing and know they’ll never hear the end of it after getting beat by two blonde girls.

It was a good game move. Rob and Amber were the first to figure that out in their first season when he skipped eating the mountain of meat to take the penalty knowing he wasn’t in last place. For all agree to it was smart strategy and after all those hours in the hot sun, it’s hard to argue with it.

The firefighters had every right to think they’d win a footrace, but the problem is they weren’t in a footrace. They were in a race of balance, and it was two big guys against two women and against a smaller guy and a a woman. Those two teams will have a lot to make up next week, though, after starting the Race in a hole. It looks like they won’t have a flight to equal them out with the others.

If there was a team I would bet wouldn’t make it too much longer, though, it would be Chuck and Wynona. She’s looking for a vacation, and after a few weeks of this she won’t be able to take much more of it. It’s not going to get easier. She probably won’t get that vodka/7 until they’re out of the race.

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