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The Amazing Race, Feb. 17 – Looking for a Vodka-7 But Finding a Clue

Caroline and Anthony will be in the first helicopter flight, Matt and Max in the next flight, and Mona in the last flight. Mona should have been in Max’s spot, but made a mistake by putting her name in the last spot. Max knows Mona wanted that spot back, but says it was too late, as “The brain already got her,” meaning Katie who told him to take her spot once she missed it. Mona says it will be horrifying to be eliminated first after all the preparation to get ready for the Race. They aren’t quitters and have come from behind in before in the roller derby to win.

Jessica and Idries are still searching the sand. John is feeling lucky about getting the skydiving challenge instead of this one. The two diggers are having a hard time rebuilding the sand castles. They’re not wet enough, so they won’t pack together and hold. Jamil notes that Idries is spending eighty percent of his time rebuilding the sand castles. Dave and Connor arrive, and Dave immediately runs to the opposite end of the sand castles to start digging, not knowing which ones have been rebuilt. Pam and Winnie arrive, and Pam starts searching by the first two. She smartly heads to the water to get a little water to repack with.

Caroline jumps from the helicopter and screams all the way down. She feels an independent spirit to do these challenges thanks to her ancestor Daniel Boone. Idries claims it’s hotter than Hades and pours the water over his head, when he should really be putting a little of it into the sand.

Chuck and Wynona are running all over looking for the cluebox. They run to a local who seems to think they are just crazy Americans. I want to scream at the TV to let her know we all don’t wear mullets. He thinks as a shift manager at WalMart he deals with so many walks of life, he’s able to get his point across what he’s looking for. He sees the clue from far off in the distance and runs out there with Wynona. Winnie and John just laugh. Wynona starts digging and says she’s always wanted to be on a beach like this, but not digging sand castles. She wonders where her kids are when she needs them.

Matt jumps from the plane saying he always wanted to do stuff like this and asks where better to do it than a tropical paradise. Max jumps just after.

John explains the alliance of the first five times and their deal for the second Express Pass. Everyone working on the sand castles is basically working as a team. Pam isn’t feeling her lips anymore in this heat. Wynona isn’t sure what Bora Bora means, but is pretty sure it means something hot. Dave complains that digging for the clue is such a crapshoot.

Jessica finds the clue, and it tells her and John to make their way down to the beach to an outrigger canoe where they must attach a float to one side, and use strength and balance to keep it up right to paddle to the pit stop at the Motu Cafe. John and Jessica run to the outrigger and start assembling right away.

Meghan and Mona make their jumps for the helicopter with Mona saying she wants to be able to show her kids you can do anything you put your mind to.

John and Jessica believe at first that the outrigger is sturdy, then realize that just the slightest movement will tip it over, as they get dumped out and have to upright the outrigger to start again.

Bates and Anthony are on their way to the second Roadblock saying they’ve spent a ton of time together and do so many things the same, including finishing each other’s sentences.

Jamil knows his brother is already on the edge and says if another team comes in and gets the clue at first go, he just might lose it. A local dog decides to pee on the sand castles as Bates and Anthony run in. Well, it will help them pack together better. The Hockey Players are happy to see others still digging.

Caroline and Jennifer run in with Jennifer starting as well, happy to be caught up. Wynona is still complaining, saying she was figuring they’d have a lawn chair and a vodka/7-Up waiting for her. Anthony finds a clue, meaning they’ll get the second Express Pass. Idries is really frustrated. Jamil tells him he won’t find it if he doesn’t focus.

Matt and Daniel arrive, as do Max and Katie. The first thing running through Katie’s mind is that this will be something out of their control. Smart. She and Daniel start digging.

John and Jessica arrive on Phil’s mat, are named team number one, and receive the two Express Passes. He lets it slide that they might not be keeping their word to the rest of their alliance. They want to but also want to play it smart. They’re going to see how things play out.

Joey and Meghan arrive at the second Roadblock, and he starts digging right away. A ukulele player entertains the diggers, exciting Meghan and Joey. Wynona feels tired and drained, as Chuck pours water over her head. Mona and Beth arrive in last place as Beth starts digging, saying this is where being a mom comes in handy, as she’s built her fair share of sand castles.

Bates and Anthony arrive on Phil’s mat to be named team number two, but they aren’t in the alliance with John and Jessica, so won’t be getting the Express Pass from them.