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The Amazing Race, Feb. 17 – Looking for a Vodka-7 But Finding a Clue

Really? The next season of The Amazing Race is starting up already? It seems like it was just a few days ago that the Beekman Boys won the Race. How are we looking at another new crop of teams already? And it’s really season 22? All this from a show that was on its way to cancellation before hitting season 5.

The eleven teams will be starting from Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory to be exact. The teams are:

Chuck and Wynona, married 15 years, Alabama. He says they’re a cross between redneck and country. He has a mullet, yet has no idea what it is. He loves taxidermy and calls it an obsession along with hunting. For him there’s nothing like killing an animal, eating it, and keeping it on your wall forever. Alrighty.

Bates and Anthony, brothers and professional hockey players, North Carolina. Bates has played for fifteen years, and his ultimate goal is to win the Stanley Cup, but this is a new goal for him. Anthony is missing his front teeth, probably thanks to a puck.

Mona and Beth, working moms, Colorado. They refer to themselves as stereotypical soccer moms and mothers of three and are also roller derby girls. They think they’ll kick some ass on the Race.

Max and Katie, newlyweds, Buffalo. They were married for just three weeks before leaving on the Race and are considering this their honeymoon. She will knock out anyone who gets in their way, and he refers to her as his bulldog.

Dave and Connor, father and son, Salt Lake City. They are best friends and share nearly everything including having cancer. Dad had prostate cancer; son had testicular cancer. But for Dad, the news that his son had cancer was the hardest news he has ever gotten. Fortunately, they’re both cancer-free, and Connor is now a professional cyclist. Every day is a gift, and that’s how they will look at the Race.

Jessica and John, dating, Southern California. They’ve been dating for four years and have thought about marriage, but don’t want to rush into it. Clearly, though, she wouldn’t mind it a bit. They’re both surfers too.

Idries and Jamil, twin doctors, Chicago. They’re both OB/GYNs and spend their time together 24/7, figuring it’s like having a clone. Yet one of them, I can’t tell them apart, says he will be the leader and his brother the follower. From hereon out, they’ll be “The Twins” or “The OB/GYNs.” I will never be able to tell them apart or who is doing which task.

Pam and Winnie, best friends, Los Angeles. They realize they don’t look like tough girls but say they aren’t afraid of anything. They aren’t looking for love unless you have a million dollars taped to your body. If they win the Race, Phil Keoghan needs to be careful presenting them with that big check.

Joey and Meghan, YouTube sensations, Los Angeles. They figure they’ll dominate the Race. Combined, they have over half a million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They’re cute, yeah, but he says they’re also competitive.

Matt and Daniel, best friends and firefighters from South Carolina. They’ve been best friends since they were five years old and have spent the past six years at the same station, same shift, and same truck. They have each other’s backs and are confident they can win this.

Caroline and Jennifer, country singers, Nashville. They are two members of the band Stealing Angels. They’ve been on tour for the last four or five years and promise to flirt if they have to to win. They’ve both looking for love and possibly husbands, but figure they’ve been doing it in the wrong places.