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Top Chef: Seattle/Alaska – Ep 15 – Midnight Train To Georgia

LCK – We are in the present, and Lizzie, OTV and Kish go at it. OTV is substantially lighter, as he didn’t care much for what he saw on TV. The chefs are told to make whatever they want. OTV goes for the venison, Lizzie is making a black pepper and vinegar sauce, and Kish has decided to make pasta.

Kish – Semolina Orechiette with Brown Butter, Pomegranate Apple and Fresh Herbs

Lizzie – Black Cod in Black Pepper Vinegar, Savory Cabbage and Spaetale

OTV – Venison with Coriander, Brown Sugar and Black Pepper Cure, and Shaved Kale

OTV is cut for having undercooked deer meat. We are left with the cliffhanger as to whether or note Kish or Lizzie will round out the Finals.

Quickfire Hits
• OTV and Papa Smurf is Team Husky. Love the edit to the actual huskie barking.
• I am sure that dog team is very talented at racing dogs, but boy; you could fill a shot glass with the amount of personality at that table not named Tom or Padma.
• OTV took an opportunity to ask Emeril if you put sugar or salt in cornbread. No sugar. OTV is pleased.
• Papa Smurf and Emeril are former dishwashers. That’s something inspiring to you folks toiling in kitchens today.
• Nice edit from OTV remembering his Food and Wine Magazine foie gras moment to Gail’s proud reaction.
• In how many Governors’ Mansion does the Governor himself answer the door? Perhaps only those filming cooking shows. As a New York native, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a show taped in Albany with Governor Cuomo and his cooking show personality “First Lady.”
• Gail just can’t help herself sometimes. This time, it’s the “harsh salt taste in her mouth.” Think things internally before they go external, my dear Gail. On second thought, don’t, because it is too much fun having you say these things.
• Extra – Puck says he started helping in his family’s restaurant as a pastry chef, and Tom’s had been cooking with his mom as a kid, and his dad finally just suggested to him that he should just become a chef.

Next week – Finale, Part One.

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