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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Palau, Episode 4

captainsD’s Boot Prediction: Survivor Palau Episode 4

by captainD

How do they do it? After 10 seasons, the powers that be at CBS can still put together an amazing show. Last week we were treated to a couple of the most creative challenges in a long time as another strong Ulong was voted out of the game. Is it possible that Ulong may go into the merge without winning a single immunity challenge? Right now it’s beginning to look that way.

Hopefully this season will continue its uphill climb as desperation sets in at Ulong. Things should get off to a good start when they receive tools and equipment after winning their third straight reward. For some reason, Koror always steps up their game when immunity is at stake and this week is no different. They will win a record tying fourth consecutive immunity challenge. With Jeff out of the picture, Kim no longer has anyone to hide behind. The 4’th boot out of Palau is . . KIM.


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