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American Idol 12, Jan. 24 – Singing Firemen and Doctors

Chris Barthel, 24, lawncare services, Metairie, LA, comes in with a lot of exuberance. He says when he performs he has an alter ego, although he doesn’t have a name for the other side yet. He asks Nicki for a name, and she gives him “Mushroom.” He knows she has to be a fire sign; he’s a Leo. Mariah is an Aries. Keith says he’s confused.

Chris sings If I Had You. It’s fun, but definitely lacking in real talent. Keith and his quick wit are at it again as he calls Chris a “Fun Guy.” Get it, Mushroom? However, he doesn’t think singing is his thing, and Mariah concurs, although calls him entertaining. Nicki wants to run her hands through his hair. He loved Nicki and calls her a darling.

Dr. Calvin Peters, 27, Forth Worth, TX, is in his third year of residency. Right now he’s working at the veterans hospital with a specialty in Physical medical and rehabilitation. he deals with spinal cord injury, traumatic injury, burn injuries, and musculoskeletal issues. He had to focus in college so fell off of singing a bit, and just rediscovered his passion for singing again.

The good doctor sings Whenever, Wherever, Whatever and has a great falsetto. Mariah thinks he’s very handsome and finds a singing doctor very unique. Obviously she doesn’t know about Jon Peter Lewis who was going to college to be a doctor at the time of his audition. Keith likes his vibe. He thinks he’s a brave man for taking on a Maxwell song. It’s like “triple black diamond skiing.” Nicki believes he has a lot more technique than a lot of the people they’ve sent on to Hollywood. He did a lot of things people don’t attempt to do in an audition. He gets four yeses.

Ryan announces that suddenly the girls are having a little of what the doctor ordered. Michelle Montezeri, 19, Orlando;. Breanna Steer, 18, Laplace, LA; and Brandy Hotard, 26, a nurse, Port Allen, LA all make it through.

It’s back to the bad auditions with Alissa Griffin, 24, retail management, Raceland, LA. She has the judges laughing. Nicki says it’s getting hot in there, and she’s melting. And she’s not saying it in a good way.

She needs a fireman to cool her off. It’s Dustin Watts, 27, Albany, LA. He says being a fireman is one of the best jobs in the world and is one of the most rewarding things you can do. They show up every day and have a possibility of doing something no one else wants to do. They go on a call and it’s bigger adrenaline than any sport. When he sees his buddies go in a fire, it just makes him want to do better at his job. Nicki asks him if he has a girlfriend.

Dustin sings She’s Every Woman and has a great voice, making Nikki smile. Mariah likes him and hears something special about him. Keith likes him too and thinks he has a great style and confidence. Nicki thinks he’s doing it with ease and that he looks like a country star. Keith thinks he should sing George Strait’s song The Fireman. Dustin gets four yeses. He heads to the fire station to tell the guys, and they give him lots of kudos and hugs.

The last to audition is Burnell Taylor. He grew up in a musical house with his grandfather giving him his start in music. He’s been singing since he was young, but he realized he knew how to sing after Katrina. They lost everything and moved to Baton Rouge. It was an eye-opener to appreciate the things he has. He talks about his grandfather being the leader in a band playing a lot of instruments, and his mom is a singer.

Burnell sings I’m Here from The Color Purple, and he is A-MA-ZING. Keith is loving it. He gets a standing ovation from everyone but Nicki. Mariah wipes away tears and says he made her cry. His tone is ridiculous, and she felt every single word he sang. Nicki says it’s what they came for. She feels like she’s been flying all around the country for that. It’s the thinG you can’t put into words and gives everyone chills and goosebumps. It wasn’t an audition but entertainment.

Randy tells him he has an amazing voice. Keith says somewhere there is a spotlight just waiting for Burnell to walk into it. Needless to say, it’s four yeses. However, Keith wants him to dress for the occasion in Hollywood, as he’s looking a little casual.

Randy is proud of his hometown and he has great reason to be. I’ll be thinking of Burnell’s performance all night. I can’t wait to hear more in Hollywood.

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