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American Idol 12, Jan. 24 – Singing Firemen and Doctors

Now that we’ve finally seen what the whole big fight was all about between the judges, which after the fact turned out to be not very much, we can finally get past all that and stop waiting for it. We can get back to what we’re really here for … some great auditions (and some not-so-goood ones probably as well).

Tonight the auditions are coming from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mariah Carey refers to herself as a beauty school dropout and applies Randy Jackson’s makeup for him. She points out this is why people need second career options.

The first to audition is Megan Miller, 22, Ethel, LA, the current Miss Baton Rouge. She’s always done pageants to help pay for her education. Now that she’s graduated from college, she really wants to focus on her singing career. Three days before the audition, she was involved in an accident. The doctors wanted to keep her over the weekend because of an infection, but she refused. She will let her leg fall off before she misses this audition. She’s going in with heels on and her crutches. She’s going in for surgery right after.

Megan sings Something’s Got Ahold of Me for the judges, and she’s quite good, balancing on her crutches and snapping the fingers on one hand. She hams it up, ad-libbing the lyrics to say “put a hurtin’ in me” and shakes her bum leg, singing into one of her crutches at the end.

Keith Urban cracks that he thought Megan was going to sing Lean on Me. Randy calls her a natural and says it goes to show no matter what’s going on, if you can sing, you can sing. Nicki Minaj sees an undeniable superstar. She likes that Megan didn’t make an excuse and just came in and turned it into humor. She used it instead of letting it use her.

Mariah thinks she’s endearing (Megan, not Nicki) and says she just has a natural quality. Keith loves that she just came in and went at it and jokes he wishes she would have moved around more. It’s a unanimous yes. She leaves, saying she’s on her way to surgery, and the judges joke they’re coming with. Megan tells Keith he can come for sure, but he’ll only go if he can bring his wife.

Charlie Askew, 17, Little Rock, admits he’s very socially awkward. He was never able to reach out and connect with people socially or verbally. He doesn’t fit a certain diagnosis, but his mom calls him a well-rounded kid. With music he finally found an outlet, and it’s been the center of his life since he was born. He tells Nicki singing is how he communicates when he can’t do it verbally.

Charlie sings the intro to Breakthrough and is quite unusual. He follows this singing Nature Boy and again is just very unusual. Nicki was pleasantly surprised by his voice and asks if he thinks he went through puberty. He notes it’s 2:00 now … then says his voice was actually the first thing to mature. She likes him and his spirit. Randy refers to him as a seemingly dark, strange, but cool guy. Nicki nicknames him Mystery Man.

Keith loves Charlie’s voice, with the tone that’s not of a gender, like Bowie. Mariah can identify with him. She wasn’t really shy, but can identity with the escapism aspect of his music. she thinks he could really shake things up if he stays on the right track and stays unique in the competition. He says she can count on it, as he can’t be anyone but himself. He gets four yeses. Keith believes he’s one of those guys who could become a star then look back and not believe where he came from.

Sophia Assel nominated her granddaughter Maddie Assel, 17, Centreville, VA, to audition. She knew she would be a wonderful singer from when she was a little red-faced singer. She’s singing outside Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter, and Randy comes and finds her and gives her an audition number. She cries ecstatically. She thought she was just coming for a vacation.

Maddie sings Oh Darlin’ and has some great throatiness, but needs to tone down some of the vibrato. Keith asks if there is someone who singularly influenced her singing style. She names Beyoncé, Adele, and even Haley Reinhart. He loves that she doesn’t sound like any of them. She has her own style. Nicki thinks she has a nice voice and some power. Mariah loved her song choice and loved how she sang and her confidence. It’s four yeses as she moves on. Her grandmother dances with beads, a mask, a parasol, and every Big Easy thing she can find. Ryan Seacrest asks how much Magic Dust she has in her, but I think it might be a couple of daiquiris from Bourbon Street.

It’s time for the bad auditions. We get screeching and some other things that just can’t be described. One girl that doesn’t make it wails outside, then gets livid. A couple of chickens fail as well. Yes, a couple of chickens. One dressed like one, and another strutting around like one.

Paul Jolley, 22, retail sales, Palmersville, TN, says this is his calling in life. His family and friends see it, and he believes he has a lot to give back. His grandfather recently passed away, and he doesn’t think he’ll be half the man he was. He was a First Sergeant and taught Paul to take things out in the back, go in the music room, etc.

Paul sings I Won’t Let Go and definitely does his grandfather proud. Nicki likes him a lot and thinks his voice is really pretty with a nice texture in his tone and a clear ability to play with it and make it colorful She likes his vibe and the ways his eyes sparkle. Mariah also likes him and felt that he exuded confidence and that it was effortless when he sang. She knows people will love him. Keith liked his voice and felt it was like a great crafted vocal performance with honesty in his tone. It’s four yeses. His grandma cries when she finds out he made it and says this was for her husband.