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Signs of the Times – American Idol, 03-08-05

Signs of the Times American Idol 3 March 8

by LauraBelle

I was kind of hoping for guy’s night again tonight for a few reasons. One is that I just prefer the guys’ group performances to the girls’. The other is that I thought my nearly twelve-year-old son could have used hearing Mario sing How Can You Mend A Broken Heart again, as his thirteen-year-old long-distance girlfriend just broke up with him. Maybe one of the girls will sing something to uplift his spirits.

Amanda Avila is up first, and continuing with the signs of the horoscope theme, she is a Gemini, making her indecisive she says. I, also being Gemini, don’t believe I have a problem with indecisiveness. Or maybe I do. I don’t know. Amanda sings the Tina Turner classic River Deep, Mountain High and sounds good to me, but I wasn’t connecting back to Tina Turner. Randy says she did just good on a tough song, and notes it’s hard to do a Tina classic. Paula says it was good, especially since it’s so hard to follow Tina. Simon agrees with Randy and says she looked great. Narcissistic Randy wants to affirm that Simon agreed with him. Yes Randy, move along.

Libra Janay Castine says she is romantic, being she is a Libra, but I don’t feel that comes out in her music, and just as I think that, she starts singing Dreaming of You. Nope, not what my son needs to hear. It looks to me like she is trying to look older than she is again, and if you look up pitchy in the dictionary, there’s a picture of doe-eyed Janay in her white suit. Randy, Paula and Simon are in agreement; it was pitchy. Paula begs for votes for her (she’ll need them) and Simon reads her horoscope telling her to pack her bags and get ready for plane travel.

Carrie Underwood says she is a Pisces and likes to fish, but she doesn’t use live bait and throws back her catch. She sings Because You Love Me and when she was sitting in the Red Room earlier, I thought this country girl was just wearing a bikini top, but it turns out there’s a flirty peach-colored fabric attached at the bottom. Randy says although this was not one of her best performances, he still feels she’s one of the best on the show. Paula and Simon agree, with Paula saying she needs to get back to being happy-go-lucky and Simon saying she’s too old-fashioned, which Carrie readily admits to.

Pisces Vonzell Solomon says she is imaginative and when younger, used to imagine being in Jamaica. She sings Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and to me, this qualifies as a song previously done by a former American Idol that shouldn’t be done again. Can’t top Kelly Clarkson, in my book. Randy declares her back and having fun, Paula says she’s great because she takes risks, and Simon quips all she was missing was the cow and “lassoo” to go with her cowboy hat and boots. She says her daddy bought her the hat and boots, so she wanted to wear it. Paula and Randy then make fun of British Simon saying lassoo and not lasso.

I missed Nadia Turner saying what sign she is, but she says she is eccentric and a go-getter, and proves it singing Try A Little Tenderness. She is incredible with this. Randy explains he is laughing because he loves watching her. At first he thought oh no, Otis (Redding), but he has to admit she rocked it. Paula says she has the knack of picking the right song for her, and Simon says she’s amazing like a young Tina Turner. After, Nadia admits she never heard this song before she started working on it four days ago.

Lindsay Cardinale says being an Aquarius, she’s supposed to be unemotional, but crying over those voted out every week, she’s obviously not that. She sings Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, and I agree with Randy that she does awiight. Paula says she’s a fan of Lindsay’s sultry voice, but not her song choices. I agree with that too. Simon calls her the musical equivalent of Ryan Seacrest, being that she looks the part, does everything right, but you’re still disappointed with the performance. Ryan gets mad at this, and the two have a water fight.

Mikalah Gordon says that Capricorns are supposed to like getting attention, so that obviously isn’t her. Ha! She sings Somewhere, making the judges recall Barbra Streisand, but I recall the version from West Side Story. Perhaps this is the song for my son and his star-crossed lover, since the girlfriend’s mom is the one that made them break up. The key sounded just a little too low for her to me. Randy calls it a little shaky and pitchy, but he loves that she takes risks. Paula says just like last week, she pulled through. Simon is puzzled as when they first met Mikalah she was very cool, but she now seems to have gone through an aging machine. Well, you liked it last week, Simon!

Jessica Sierra believes she is passionate like the Scorpio she is. She sings a song she did in the Hollywood rounds, but it sounds much better with musical accompaniment. Randy calls it hot, and loves the blues-y, soul-y, rock-y sound. Randy also tells her that once again she’s one of the best of the night. Paula seconds that, saying she’d found her niche. Simon says due to her outfit, she couldn’t have picked a better song. Perhaps he is referring to her ample cleavage, and the fact she could have gone by the moniker Chesty LaRue.

Okay, it was a better night than I was expecting, but still I would rather lose one guy and three girls than two and two. And after all this, my son didn’t even watch with me. He was busy commiserating with his buddies on the phone. By the end of the evening he said he feels he and his ex were more meant to be just friends. All’s well that ends well, but there are two guys and two girls that won’t be saying that tomorrow night.

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