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Survivor: Caramoan – Preview – Fans vs. Favorites Part Two. Electric Boogaloo.

John Cochran – Age: 25. Lives in Washington, DC. Hey, Cochran! Want to get some lunch someday? Outside of Survivor – Harvard Law Student. He was the 5th Jury member of South Pacific. You remember Cochran? He was the sweater vest skinny dude who brought absolutely nothing to the table other than superfandom and a fairly quick wit. His tribe was populated with Ozzy-controlled bullies who assumed Cochran’s loyalty, despite giving him absolutely no reason to remain loyal. He flipped to the Coach tribe to avoid the randomness of the Purple Rock. Of course, they discarded him quickly thereafter.

His clams to fame – flipping alliances, and keeping shirt on in the ocean. He loves the Beatles, guitar and Survivor. His Pet Peeves – self-entitlement, lack of humor. His three things – Frisbee, cards, sketchpad. He thinks he has the humor of Amazon Rob, the smarts of Yul, and the candor of Penner. Those are some lofty self-Survivor images. Few Survivors have been as funny as Rob or as smart as Yul. Many have been as candid as Penner, but few did it as well.

Chances of Winning – I’ll say it. I think Cochran is going to the end. Why? Because why not. Wouldn’t you want to bring Cochran to the end?

Malcolm Freberg – Age: 25 – From Hermosa Beach, CA. Outside of Survivor – Bartender. He was the 8th Jury member of Philippines. Just two and a half weeks after barely missing winning a million bucks (he would have won, too), Malcolm is back out for more. You just saw him play – he was on the crappy tribe. He survived it, found an idol and managed to Survive being separated from his top ally and being incorporated into an established group. He was poised to win the whole thing before Blair Warner turned on him.

In his words, his claim to fame was spending a month with Abinormal and still remaining sane. His inspiration is STILL OJ Simpson. That was why I didn’t like him at this point last season. Goes to show you can’t judge a player by his CBS.com bio. His hobbies are exercise, writing/reading, partying. His Pet Peeve – ex TV stars!!! HA! Don’t look now, but you are sort of on a season with nine of them now. The three things – soap for cuddle partners, a puzzle book, and the hidden idol from last season. HA!

Chances of Winning – I don’t feel it this time. It is hard going back to back. Remember, Russell did as well as he did going back to back because Tyson’s a moron and JT’s a bigger one. If Malcolm can avoid the early cuts, he could repeat his performance, but I sense an early out.

Phillip Sheppard – Age: 54. From Santa Monica, CA. Outside of Survivor – Chief Executive Officer of Enter Software Sales. He was the runner-up of Redemption Island. The Specialist returns. The purple underpants. The feather in the headband. The feather in the headband. The crispy rice and the rice wars. The special government agent. The most insane Survivor ever. Boston Rob smartly kept him close all the way to the end, knowing that Philip was an attention sponge, directing all attention and blame away from Rob. Was it all an act? Philip claims it was, but I guess we will soon find out.

He is a former Special Agent & Army vet. His inspirations include – his son, healthcare workers, Fire and police. He loves skating, basketball, weightlifting and people. Pet Peeves are people who know it all and do nothing. His three things – his son’s photo, and a Buddhist meditation bowl. He feels he is most like Boston Rob, Andrea and Cochran. Um ok. May we be seeing a Phil/Andrea/Cochran alliance coming?

Chances of Winning – After Coach 3.0, I write nothing off. That said, he won’t win, but if he is just as crazy, he could make another Finals.

Gota Tribe (Fans)
Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz – Age: 25. From -Oceanside, NY. Outside of Survivor – Bartender. She’s good looking, she better hope that can go a long way for her.

Her claim to fame is being editor-in-chief of her school magazine. Really. She’s 25. That’s all she can come up with. At least now she has something to trump that big magazine editing gig. Her inspiration is her granny. Her hobbies include friends, drinking at work, and working out. She hates dirty people and liars (uh oh). Boy, all of that really bodes well for her on Survivor, doesn’t it? Her three things – eyeliner, hair detangle, crest white strips. That’s what she said. Three beauty aids. And she’s a fan of the show? She thinks she is most like Morasca, because she thinks she will be underestimated. She needs to re-watch Amazon. Jenna may have started out a beauty queen, but she got super-gritty by the end.

Chances of Winning – With that bio? If she’s not first out she should be thrilled.

Edward “Eddie” Fox – Age: 23. From East Brunswick, NJ. Outside of Survivor – Fireman/EMT. Another pretty boy. Great. At least this one is not a gym rat, he’s a fireman. That’s man strength there.

His claim to fame – helping others. Nothing wrong with that. His hero is his dad. Again, good stuff. He likes hiking, dirt biking, and sports. He doesn’t much care for people who talk and know nothing. In other words…Survivors. He is outgoing, competitive, and hard working. His three things – sneakers, cutting tool, sleeping bag. Finally, someone who said something useful. He wants to be Boston Rob. Good luck with that.

Chances of Winning – He has a good resume, if he is remotely sociable, he could make it far.

Hope Driskill – Age: 23. From Jefferson City, MO. Outside of Survivor – Pre-Law Student and Miss Missouri 2011. This is one pretty young woman. Seriously. She’s really pretty.

She is proud of her graduation with honors and calls her dad her inspiration. She loves traveling, working out and reading. She describes herself as tenacious, intelligent, personable. Her three things – family photo, mosquito repellant, toothbrush and paste. Um…that’s four things. But you’re so pretty, I’ll let that go. She describes herself as being like Andrea, Brenda, Parvati. Interesting she would say that, as she is now playing the game with two of them. The third one? A lot to live up to with wanting to be Parvati. She wants to pay for law school – that million bucks should pay for about two semesters.

Chances of winning – Pretty women have often gone far. At least she proved some worth with that mosquito reference. I have hopes for her. For many reasons.

Julia Landauer – Age: 21. From Stanford, CA. Outside of Survivor – Race Car Driver. So, she is Danica Patrick. A young female race car driver. Sorry, but having never watched a race ever, that’s all the references I have.

She was the first woman champ in Skip Barber Racing Series. So, she’s better than Danica. Her inspiration – Paul Newman (his loves were incorporated into his daily life, he was confident, humble, had a great smile, and was a star and gentleman). She loves puzzles, building, cars, NY subway and CA cars. At least that first one will help with challenges. She dislikes slow drivers in left lane. Well, who doesn’t! She calls herself passionate, intelligent, driven. Her three things – a great book, Ipod, and banana grams. What? I mean…um…what? She thinks she is like Kim – a leader and street smart. She lost me at banana grams.

Chances of winning – I don’t know. Banana grams?

Laura Alexander – Age: 23. From Washington, DC. Hey, wanna join me and Cochran at Good Stuff for lunch? Outside of Survivor – Administrative Officer. Another pretty one. Is she more? Who knows.

She climbed Mt Toubkal in N. Africa. That’s impressive. Talk to Francesca. Her mom is inspiration. She likes traveling, jigsaw puzzles, and dancing. Puzzles will help. Her Pet Peeves are ignorance, intolerance and arrogance. Her three words describing herself are – ambitious, sarcastic, down to earth. Her three things – no sentiment, so nothing. Oooh, hardcore. She feels most like Brenda, Parvati, Morasca. She is obsessed with the show. She feels she can kick butt on the puzzles. She is small but has fire, and says, “You wont find me picking sorority sisters armpit hair.” Nice obscure reference.

Chances of winning – She knows her Survivor. I hope she can hang. I think she might.