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Survivor: Caramoan – Preview – Fans vs. Favorites Part Two. Electric Boogaloo.

Bikal Tribe (Favorites) – I am going to add to each one (mostly) what they said they would bring to the island because most of them are ridiculous. Especially for returning contestants.

Andrea Boehlke – Age: 23. Lives in NYC. Outside of Survivor – Entertainment Host and writer. She was the 8th Jury member on Redemption Island. The first time around, she got booted and managed to earn an unexpected win in the final Duel against Matt, Mike and Grant to re-enter the game. She failed to win the next immunity and the Core Four Alliance of Boston Rob took her out again. She is inspired by her dad, and loves getting paid to talk. She does not care for dudes who catcall.

Dad is inspiration. Loves getting paid to talk. Doesn’t like cat calls. She wants to bring a yoga mat, juggling balls filled with rice and a unicorn. She thinks she is Steph – but her first time through does not bear that out.

Chances of Winning – She is a sleeper. Of all the returning players she reminds me most of Amber and Parvati – someone good-looking and rather unmemorable from their first outing who managed to get pretty far. She learned from the master the first time around, and she could very well win this time around.

Brandon Hantz – Age: 21. From Katy, TX. Outside of Survivor – Chemical Disposal. He was the 7th Jury member on South Pacific. He was a nutcase who went after a woman he was clearly attracted to but embarrassed to say so. He was a full-on Jesus nut who made that season almost unwatchable. And he gave up his immunity near the end and got voted out. Of course, if you forgot, he is Russell’s nephew. This means we have had just under one-fifth of all Survivor seasons featuring a Hantz family member.

His inspiration is Jesus. Of course. He wants to be a good dad – good, because that’s your job, what do you want, a cookie? His hobbies are playing music, drawing and passionate love! Um…ew. He doesn’t like stupid people – you know, like those who voluntarily give up a 1 in 6 shot at a million bucks. His three things – kid photo, Bible, underwear. That Bible will sure help make fire and shelter. He said he was “almost Sole Survivor and won’t make same mistakes,” which is true, except for the almost Sole Survivor part.

Chances of Winning – None. His victory would stun me to no end.

Brenda Lowe – Age: 30. From – Miami, FL. Outside of Survivor – Paddleboard Company Owner. She was the 3rd Jury member on Nicaragua. She was in charge of the dominant alliance in the worst season of Survivor. Then she got cocky. Then she got voted off. Oh, and she is smokin’ hot.

Her claim to fame – Hispanic beauty pageant winner. Because every season needs at least one beauty pageant winner. Her inspiration is her parents. Her favorite things are paddleboarding (Duh), fishing, biking. Her Pet Peeve – weakness of character. Plenty of those folks on her own tribe! She would take a photo of her fiancée, of her family, and favorite yellow bunny. She thinks she is most like Ozzy – and I see nothing in common other than partial heritage. She also says she learned from mistakes.

Chances of Winning – Somewhat decent. However, I see her more of a similar early jury placement.

Corinne Kaplan – Age: 33. From Los Angeles. Outside of Survivor – Clinical Consultant. She was the 4th Jury member of Gabon. If you recall from her first time around, Corinne is the B in Apartment 23. And she is proud of it. Few Survivors have had the cattiness and the wit to deliver biting insult after biting insult to the level Corinne managed to do in Gabon. Her feud with Sugar seems to still be ongoing. That’s hard core. She was asked to be on HvV and could not get out of work. That’s a shame – she likely was replaced by Candice whose incompetence doomed that season to levels of Hantz which were unbearable.

Her claim to fame – “being me and never holding back.” Those who say they are just being me are using a euphemism for, “I am just being obnoxious because I have no filter, minimal self-esteem and basically am bubbling over with self-loathing.” She has no inspiration, and says her parents are role models. Her hobbies include “shutting down small talk,” which is kind of awesome. Her Pet Peeves – “so called Hollywood actors, reality show losers and door open elevator buttons.” So, Sugar, Sugar, and being nice to people on elevators. She would take – music, a hat, journal. The best grouping so far. She says that she doesn’t have any insecurities and feels that everyone else who plays this game is riddled with them. She plans “to break them down and eat them alive.”
Chances of Winning – She can’t win. She could go far as the one you want to sit next to, but her act will likely wear thin on the other Survivors. Her best bet is to ally quickly with other horrible choices for jury voters.

Dawn Meehan – Age: 42. From South Jordan, UT. Outside of Survivor – English Professor. She was the 3rd Jury member of South Pacific. She almost broke down and quit early on but was talked out of it by Ozzy. She wound up being a solid performer and fan favorite. Her game was torpedoed once Cochran chose to flip sides rather than choose rocks.

She has six adopted children – so any criticism I throw at her is always muted by my utmost respect for that. Her inspiration is her hubby. Her hobbies are her family, baking bread and blogging. Presumably not all at once. Her Pet Peeves are cranky and selfish people, and brown grass. She will encounter two of those on the island. Her three things – a kid photo, Eckhart Tolle book, backgammon. All traditional survival tools. She sees Kim and Steph in herself. That’s some lofty goals there to reach.

Chances of Winning – If she can survive early cuts, she could go deep and be this season’s Denise. She will be liked, and her physical skills will be formidable. A real sleeper for a win.

Erik Reichenbach – Age: 27. From Minnesota, now lives in Santa Clarita, CA. Outside of Survivor – Comic Book Artist. He was the 6th Jury Member on Micronesia. From a Fan to a Favorite. He was the naïve ice cream scooper with the giant hair the first time around. He idolized Ozzy and found himself on his own against some really tough women down the stretch. He was on his way to perhaps winning immunities all the way to the end before Cirie’s plotting and Natalie’s charms convinced him to give up his necklace and his life in the game. And now he’s back, sans the scooper.

He is inspired by his dad and girlfriend – so hopefully he won’t be led around by the hormones this time. His Pet Peeves – quiet or opinion-less people. Again, no worries here – no one on Survivor fits those words. His three things – his contacts, acrylic paint, deck of cards. Sigh. He still idolizes Ozzy and is back to show he is not dumb.

Chances of Winning – I don’t know. I just don’t think Erik has the game in him to win. He is strong enough of a competitor to last a while though.

Francesca Hogi – Age: 38. From – Brooklyn, NY. Outside of Survivor – Attorney. She was the first person voted out of Redemption Island. Who? Anyone? Are we really bringing back a first out person? To be fair, I think Francesca is one of the strongest first outs, but still. Could we really classify her as a favorite? She wasn’t around long enough to like. Her story was essentially – she got in with the group against Boston Rob. Philip couldn’t pronounce her name. And she we voted out. She spent a couple of days on Redemption Island before Matt beat her in the first duel. The end.

She climbed Kilimanjaro. She loves traveling, yoga, movies. Pet Peeves include more Survivor staples – liars, delusional people. Do these people even like this show? Her three things – Ipod, floss, air mattress. Perfect for catching food. The Ipod can get recharged by harnessing loneliness, I guess. She wants redemption and to prove she is not afraid of snakes and spiders.

Chances of Winning – Well, hard to do much worse, no? I’ll send her to the jury, but that’s it.