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Top Chef: Seattle/Alaska – Ep 14 – Creating the World of Bitterness

LCK – They are outside again as Lizzie takes on Kish. Tom comments about how Lizzie’s sadness from thoughts of her dad came out in the dish. That seems a bit…extreme to me. The task is to cook fish over a campfire. All they have is fire, smoke and back soreness from squatting over a flame. Lizzie goes back to the salmon, while Kish decides to make some cod. Kish is pleased to see a swiveled grate on her campfire.

Kish – Cod with Coconut Broth, Clam Juice, Lime, Chili Marinated Tomato, Corn and Petite Herbs

Lizzie – Poached Salmon Stew with Fennel, Leek, Hungarian Paprika and Sweet Pepper Flakes.

Tom says that Kish had some nice flavors and the coconut was not too sweet. The chili’s heat was nice and the lime’s acid helped. He breaks Lizzie’s heart by telling her that if she made this dish during the Elimination Challenge she would not have been eliminated…she would have won the Costa Rice trip. Ouch. They were both good restaurant ready dishes, but Kish’s was better and she survives again. She has now won four in a row- including defeating all three returning chefs.

Quickfire Hits
• Did we really need Papa Smurf making “package” jokes?
• Also, did we really need a scene of the chef’s literally sitting around waiting for their bread to rise?
• However, we really did need the awesome Northern Lights transition shot. Wow.
• Was Padma wearing a raptor claw as a necklace?
• Maybe it added to her feistiness as she talked a little succotash smack with OTV.
• Loved tiny Brooke trying to fit into the fisherman gear. Not a lot of tiny ladies among the big Alaskan fishermen, it seems.
• Who else wants to give that bearded Alaskan dude his own show?
• We also learn that Alaskans like to send catcall love to Emeril Lagasse.
• Why did they have Judges Table outside? In Alaska. They all looked super freezing.
• Extra – Emeril says one of his chefs made sure to save the sourdough starter from the restaurant in New Orleans during Katrina. He nursed it for three months upon evacuation. So all of those people who lost everything, or lost loved ones, should be glad to know that there was at least some room on the lifeboats for some bread.

Next week – Final Three. A helicopter. And the Governor of Alaska. Nothing bad could ever come from a Governor of Alaska, right?

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