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Face It Growing Up Gotti Season 2 Episode 9

by Mrs. Agnello

The first scene is in the Gotti’s kitchen where they are all having dinner. Victoria starts by saying that John wants to be a boxer. Wow! She says that John is too vain and he would be upset if he bruised his face. John says that’s not true and mentions that when he was five years old he broke his nose. I have to say Victoria sounds a little over protective but I could understand because it’s her baby!

After dinner Victoria shows Robert a video of when she was on Passions a few months earlier. She tells him that her agent has been nagging her about an Off-Broadway show and she’s not sure if she should do it or not.

Robert, who has cornrolls by the way, tells her that she should at least do the audition. She agrees to do it.

Uncle Pete takes John to a boxing match so John can see how it is done. John watches in fascination as two guys clobber the heck out of each other. Uncle Pete tells him that if he wants to be a boxer he can’t have one ounce of fat on him. In other words he has to get in shape.

Following Victoria to her audition for an Off-Broadway show called “Bertey’s Bachelorette Party”. She and Robert arrive and Robert mentions that the place looks like a strip club. I have to say, it did look kind of like a night club or something. One woman explains to Victoria what the show is about and some of the things she would have to do, one of the things she has to do is get picked up by a group of overly-masculine men. They ask Robert to do it first so they would make sure its safe.

The Choreographer asks Victoria to give him her version of a “sexy” walk and she is a little bit shy but struts her stuff as the guys in the back cheer. After they leave this audition Victoria looks like she’s not feeling it too much and says she’s not sure if she auditioned or Robert.

Well, Uncle Pete takes John to the ring for the first time to practice. Before they enter Uncle Pete reminds John that these people don’t care about their last name and that’s the way it should be. Meanwhile, John looked incredible in a gray “SHADY” hoodie. They walked in and John got to meet the owner (I guess) of the place and get a feel for it.

He got in the ring and was taught how to properly punch. I can’t believe they would just throw him inside the ring with no prior conditioning or practice. But he got to practice somewhat. The guy asked him if he dances and he said yes, mostly hip hop. The guy then asked him if he can waltz and he says no. I can understand why he would be asking this since you know what they say: A man that can fight is a man that can dance, and a man that can dance is a man that can… well, never mind, maybe it’s just those two things they say.

After John gets home that day Victoria and Robert have a talk with him about how it went. John says he likes it, but Victoria keeps saying constantly that she is afraid he will mess up his beautiful face, it is something that I also fear. Robert adds that John does look like a boxer, which is not something a mother would like to hear. I have to agree, especially with that hoodie on! Victoria is just hoping that something will happen so he wouldn’t want to do it anymore.

The next day, John and some of his buddies go to the gym to work out. Looks like he’s really serious about it. After working out somewhat they notice an aerobics class going on next to them. One of John’s friends suggests that maybe they should do that. John tells him that those classes are for advanced people. They don’t believe it so they decide to join them. After a while they look tired and the guy who is leading the class tells them they should do cardio more often. I agree, it’s a great way to burn fat.

Victoria has one more audition with a different Off-Broadway show called “We’re still hot”. She is greeted by a whole bunch of people that work there and is asked if she would like to act, sing, or dance first. She looks a little hesitant and says acting first.

She seemed really confident reading those lines and looked like she knew what she was doing. After that she went to the singing part and I have to say I was pretty impressed, she can sing! I think they were happy with it and offered her the part. She hadn’t accepted yet and decided she will think about it.

It is the highlight of the episode, John’s boxing debut! I was excited to see how he would do. He arrives there before his opponent and gets changed. He looked so cute! We see his opponent arrive and get changed, that guy looked a lot more experienced than John so I was a little worried.

During the match he did pretty well. He got some good punches in there and I think he could have a good future in boxing. One thing he did mention was that he was tired and that could be because he’s not breathing correctly while he’s fighting (I have the same problem).

Meanwhile, back at the house Robert tells Victoria that the people from “We’re still hot” need to know if she is going to accept the role or not. She says that she’s not sure at first and then agrees to do it.

John’s boxing debut was a hit and so was Victoria’s Off-Broadway audition. John still has his beautiful face and Victoria is going to show hers off on stage. All is well in the Gotti household, at least for now.

Disclaimer: Mrs.Agnello is just a writing name, but I hope one day it will be my real last name.


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