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Top Chef: Seattle..er..Alaska – Ep 13 – Love, Exciting And New…

LCK – Kish gets her “old flame” as Stefan meets her in a makeshift outdoors kitchen. It seems the other chefs have not taken the trip to Alaska and have stayed behind in the U.S. Stefan calls her “wifey” and “Mrs. Fantastic Chef.” These two had a nice flirt showmance going on, but now it is down and dirty time. Tom makes a really thin stretch for the elimination theme to the LCK challenge – stating the many times Stefan was on the bottom this season, and thus they have to use “bottom of the barrel” ingredients. They have 30 minutes. Kish takes the chicken livers, while Stefan goes for a hodgepodge of livers, chicken hearts, tripe and beef tongue. I can only speak to having eaten pate (awesome) and tongue (delicious) and hearts (not so much). Tripe scares me.

They flirt. They banter. They put on aprons.

Kish – Chicken Livers with Garlic and Mustard Caramel, Pickled Fruit and Herb Salad

Stefan – Beuschaerl of Innards with Cream Sauce, Bread Galette, Liver and Parsley Salad

Tom said Kish’s was well balanced and not sweet, with perfect livers. Stefan’s was surprising, with perfect dumplings and a nice sear on the livers. Kish wins and is now (I think) one challenge away from her showdown with the Save a Chef and ticket back to the battle.

Meanwhile, on Save a Chef, CJ had a 94-6 percent lead on Josie going into the final votes. Let’s safely say he won that. And who were the six percent? Josie’s friends and family and lots of ironic hipsters?

Quickfire Hits
• Brooke’s pigtails? Approved.
• Also approved, Padma’s cleavage baring Elimination Challenge outfit. We are now not fighting anymore.
• Someone greenlight the romantic comedy starring Padma and Stone. Is it me, or did the two of them have a natural chemistry?
There be whales out there!!
• What was Papa Smurf’s touristy shirt a secret map to? And he better watch out or Nicholas Cage is going to take it and use it to steal the Declaration of Independence.
• I am with OTV on manicures – not that guys shouldn’t get them, but they are not for me. I get skeeved out by the sound and sensation of a nail file being scraped against my nails. But at least Lizzie found another South African.
• Papa Smurf worked at Disney World. I really hope it wasn’t as a chef, but that he dressed up like, well, Papa Smurf. Or if Disney doesn’t own that, then one of the dwarfs.
• Brooke has finally realized that her fear of boats was all in her head…which is where ALL fears really are, aren’t they?
• Extra – Papa Smurf and Thumb find their room, as do Brooke and Lizzie. It seems OTV is staying in steerage. Thumb jokes about being on a gay cruise with Papa Smurf. Watch it, Thumb, Andy Cohen on WWHL is going to get you for the gay jokes.

Next Week – The Alaskan State Capital. Icy fish. OTV’s baby is coming. Beers. And lots and lots of hats.

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