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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Super Bowl Commercials

Whether you watch the game or not, Super Bowl commercials are always entertaining. Tonight CBS is featuring a special that includes a countdown of he best commercials ever. Will the Clydesdales make the cut? Check out your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The guests today are Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicholas Hoult, and Sloane Stephens. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2013. Boomer Esiason and Aisha Tyler host. 7:00 PM CT CBS

3. Whitney. Whitney is contacted by a terrible ex wanting to get back with her, and R.J. presents Roxanne with a theory. 7:00 PM CT NBC

4. Arrow. Oliver looks for the deal who supplied Thea with a drug called vertigo, Laurel defends Thea, and Felicity shares new about Moira that is disturbing. 7:00 PM CT CW

5. American Idol. The fifth night of auditions. 7:00 PM CT Fox

6. Big Rich Atlanta. Ashlee and Harvin's friendship causes problems with Meyer, Ashlee is asked by Diana and Anandi to be their pageant coach, and Kahdijiha house hunts while her mom is busy meddling. 7:00 PM CT Style

7. NBA Basketball. Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

8. Guys with Kids. Marny is overwhelmed and lies to Gary hoping to getting more time alone, and Chris signs up the grup for trivia night, leading to Nick and Sheila's competitive natures to surface. 7:30 PM CT NBC

9. The Neighbors. The Weavers and Bird-Kersees deal w h class and race issues competing for a country club membership. 7:30 PM CT ABC

10. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The detectives work undercover to arrest a man responsible for brutally attacking other men, and a touch D.A. complicates ADA Barba's case 8:00 PM CT NBC

11. Supernatural. Sam and Dean's hotel room is visited by a man claiming to be Henry Winchester and demanding to know where John Winchester is, an dDean and Sam finds out more about their family history and their dad. 8:00 PM CT CW

12. Ghost Hunters. The team investigates an insane asylum that has been closed for nearly 40 years. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

13. Toddlers & Tiaras. Brooklyn, Bella, and Emma Belle compete. 8:00 PM CT TLC

14. Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover. In the one-hour special, viewers will visit NFL games to see how superfans tailgate in cities like Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Kansas City and more. After learning from the nation’s foremost tailgate experts, Adam Richman puts this knowledge to good use. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

15. Kimora: House of Fab. Staff members compete with viral videos, OK! magazine interviews Kimora, Sarah and Ashley get fashion bloggers Elle and Blaire Fowler ready for an awards show. 8:00 PM CT Style

16. Suburgatory. Yakula gets depressed, leading Dallas to look for yelp from Yoni, and the Shays ask Tessa to fix up Lisa with a date. 8:30 PM CT ABC

17. Chicago Fire. A troubled teenager sets a fire that kills a man, Severide gets in contact with his dad, Otis takes some shifts at the slowest firehouse in the city, and Shay and Dawson end up in a bad situation. 9:00 PM CT NBC

18. Necessary Roughness. Dani treats famous rockers, TK deals with team politics, and the team works on getting used to Juliette's leadership. 9:00 PM CT USA

19. The Americans. Series premiere. Married KGB spies impersonate Americans in D.C. after President Reagan is elected. 9:00 PM CT FX

20. Hot in Cleveland. Melanie fixes Joy up on a date, Elka pretends to be Victoria's agent, and game night exposes secrets. 9:00 PM CT TVLand

21. Ghost Mine. The miners may have finally hit their first big strike, while the investigators make a discovery of their own. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

22. Top Chef: Seattle. The chefs sail to Alaska, elevate iceberg lettuce for the Quickfire, and prepare surf and turf in the Elimination Challenge. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

23. Cheer Perfection. Two weeks before their biggest competition, Youth Silver has a dress rehearsal, Ann finds out Andrea is named team mom president, and the Parent's Squad takes the floor. 9:00 PM CT TLC

24. Washington Heights. Ludwin look for support from Frankie when his brother gets in trouble, Reyna comes to a big decision, and JP's mom would like him to pay the electric bill. 9:00 PM CT MTV

25. Happily Divorced. Fran agrees to watch Cesar's son and Neil's daughter under the belief that parenting is easy. 9:30 PM CT TVLand

26. NBA Basketball. Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns. 9:30 PM CT ESPN

27. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight include Charlie Sheen, David O. Russell, and Holly Williams . 10:35 PM CT NBC