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Hey Baby, What's Your Sign? – American Idol 4 – 3/7/05

By Annie

I think FOX is reaching for themes as tonight’s is astrological signs. Oh yes, this has sooo much to do with the competition. Before each performer sings, we get to learn what his sign is and how this plays into their participation on AI. Okay – moving on….

The show starts with a bit of chit-chat between Ryan and the judges. Simon says that so far the results have been fair. He disagrees with those who say they were voted out because they didn’t get enough air time. He adds that anyone who thinks they aren’t getting enough air time should leave the competition now.

First up is Scott. His appearance seems to be further soften and less thuggy but I’m not sure what has changed. One of our local radio shows refers to Scott as “Scarey Guy”. Maybe it’s the necklace. Scott sings “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”. Does this guy ever miss a note?. Randy says the performance is nice, as does Paula. Simon says the choreography was awful.

Second to perform is Bo who does “I’ll Be” which he later reveals was done for his Aunt and Uncle. I thought it was great and showed his versatility. Randy said it was alright although he started off shakey. Paula says he is consistent and it was a slam dunk. Simon agrees and adds it was the right kind of song for him. Simon also tells Bo that this competition is his to lose. Hmmm….

Like Scott, Anthony Federov continues to smooth out his appearance – although it kind of looked like paint was splashed on his suit. He performs an upbeat, Latin-style song (“I’ve Got You) that sounded perfect to me. Randy said Anthony found his element and it was the best he has done. Paula agrees and says it was excellent. Simon says he has as much Latin flair as a polar bear. Oh Simon!

Nikko performed next with a sweet and sultry version of “Georgia” Randy says it was an ambitious choice of song that started out rough but ended it “so good” with great vocal range. Simon said it was a smart choice of song and showed personality.

Travis sings “Every Little Step” and although he can dance, the song sounded awkward to me. Randy gives his performance an “A” but gives him a “D” in pitch. Paula thinks he’s “special” and “different” (is that a compliment?). Simon calls it like it is – appalling, and the equivalent of a theme park performer.

Not that I believe in this horoscope hocus-pocus but I notice Mario is a Gemini. And Gemini’s are a perfect match with Aires, right? (Note to Mario: *I* am an Aires.) :heart:

Mario performs with no hat (that’s a lot of hair, Mario!). He sings “How Can you Mend a Broken Heart”. He doesn’t miss a note but it’s not my favorite performance from him. Still, he’s cute. Randy says the song was an ambitious choice but sang it well and tenderly. Paula has goose bumps. Simon says Mario has charm but likes him better with the hat.

Constantine sings “Every Little Thing She Does”. I thought his performance was ok, off key in parts but he still has that dreamy look in his eyes. Randy said it was okay. Paula says it was her favorite performance of his and that his charisma keeps shining through. Simon said it was a bad impersonation of Sting. Simon!

Anwar does Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. He sounds good but still sounds like Stevie Wonder to me. Randy said it gave him chills and is the best vocal of the season. Paula comments that his voice is an entire orchestra and breathes new life into each song. Simon says he is everything a music teacher should be nice, good voice and perhaps there should be puppies on stage. He then suggests that Paula and Anwar get married and have kids.

It’s difficult to tell but I think Travis will be going home. They are all so good but I fear Constantine may be joining him.

I just have to add that while watching the show I asked my friend David that if the male contestants in the audience are called the “Dog Pound”, would the females be considered the “Poodle Pound”? Without missing a beat he said no. They are the Kitty Litter. :lmao:

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