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Pretty Doesn't Mean Actress – The Starlet, Series Premiere

Pretty Doesn’t Mean Actress – The Starlet- Series Premier

You look good, but can you cry when I say Action?

The series premier for “The Starlet” aired last night on the WB showcasing ten lovelies who want to be “The Starlet”. They’re competing for the ultimate prize of a role on the show, One Tree Hill, a management contract with 3 Arts Entertainment and ongoing gig opportunities with The WB. During the contest, the girls will all live together in one house, so you can expect the claws to be sharpened and at the ready when the competition gets tough.

Hostess of the show is Katie Wagner, daughter of actor Robert Wagner. She is an entertainment reporter for Joel Seigel Summer Film Preview and has also worked for the cable networks, HBO and Cinemax. Katie, along with actors, Faye Dunaway and Vivica A. Fox and Joseph Middleton, casting director extraordinaire, put the girls gently through their paces in order to prepare them for the final screen test at the end of tonight’s show.

The girls, Donna, Cecile, Katie, Courtney, Andria, Lauren, Andie, Mercedes, Michelynne and Neva are packed into the small room with the panel of judges in front of them. One by one they are asked to read a small scene.

You can see right away who has talent and who is there simply because she is beautiful. Mercedes did the best in that round. By the looks on their faces, the judges were also very impressed with her.

After the readings, the judges animatedly discussed the pros and cons of each one. They’re so nice about it! I was sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the nastiness to begin, you know, a little of the Simon Cowel syndrome, but they voiced their complaints with a slight sniff and mediocre comments here and there.

Meanwhile, the girls attended an acting class where the instructor encouraged them to dance to the wild music and find their inner animals. They all proceeded to writhe around on the floor and howl. My inner animal found it painfully embarrassing to watch.

Crying on command was the next lesson of the day. The instructor asked them to think of a bad time in their life and draw upon that experience to help get the waterworks flowing. Most did well, a few did not – I guess their lives aren’t sad enough yet. Since they’re all VERY young, that doesn’t surprise me.

The girls are now ready for their first screen test. After piling into vans, they are taken to a beach with plenty of caves, atmosphere and lots of space for the television cameras.

One by one they run through the scene with an actor from the show 7th Heaven. The gist of the scene is this: Someone they care about is in the hospital and they are feeling major guilt. That, coupled with burgeoning feelings for the actor, creates an emotional scene that is supposed to rip your heart out.

One by one, they try to twist and manipulate their faces and tear ducts into a scene of agonized despair. But alas, the ducts have been wrung dry! Even without the tears, Mercedes, Cecile and Lauren were, in my opinion, the top three.

The next day, the contestants have to stand in front of the judges and watch their screen test. Once the tape ended, each girl listened to comments from the judge’s panel. Again, the judges seemed too tame in their criticism, as if they were afraid of hurting the girl’s feelings. Until…Courtney came in.

Cocky Courtney, with the flyaway red hair, mouthed off to Faye Dunaway as Faye was trying to point out certain personality qualities. Not good Courtney! This is not American Idol! A big mouth is a big no-no! She incurred the wrath of Vivica A. Fox, who bluntly pointed out that Faye is a legendary star and Courtney should keep her mouth shut. I think we all thought it was curtains for Courtney.

But the gods smiled on her, for she was not one of the two to go. You could see the remorse on her face, however, as they gave the axe to pretty Andria of the gorgeous face and no talent. They also gave the heave ho to Andie, who just tried too hard in her screen test. Don’t call us. We’ll call you.

Watch again on Tuesday as the girls test their acting skills in a passionate love scene…with another girl!

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