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Celebrity Fit Club – Episode 7: The Snapple Lady Snaps

by Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos

Tonight’s episode showed that the sweet and kind Wendy “Snapple Lady” Kauffman has a bit of a bite to her. She’s not always so calm and forgiving, y’all. You go, girl. Let it out. Ralphie May sees some fruits to his labor and Daniel acts arrogant (but that’s not new). Okay, let me stop summarizing and teasing and get to the review.

ANT starts off by telling everyone that they’ve collectively lost 154 lbs. He quipped that if they lose 6 more pounds, he’ll be gone because that’s how much he weighs. (That’s 160, y’all if you aren’t doing the math!)

There are only 2 fit camps left – next week’s the season final and it’s gonna be good.

Billy Blanks showed up for Fit Camp. Bill is the creator of Tae-Bo, a kickboxing cardio workout that helped me shed 30 lbs. a few years back. (Don’t tell Billy, but I gained it back plus some. I’m so mad at myself! But Tae-bo works when you work it!)

Daniel couldn’t hack it – his back still hurts. After a while, Biz tried to give up. Harvey and Billy worked to get him back in the game. Joe took a cell phone call during the workout. That pissed off a lot of people. Harvey was really angry with him.

Worse, though was that Joe – who was already deemed the weakest link by the Eastsiders – remember he was swapped to the FBs – is not exactly making lots of new friends on his new team. Wendy, especially, is really angry with him. She said that taking that call was “despicable”. “He’s not a team player.” She was downright incensed.

It seemed as though most of the celebrities didn’t take the Tae-Bo Boot Camp so seriously. However, Judge Mablean was completely focused. ANT noticed and said to her, ‘you were kicking some booty at Tae-Bo.

The judge weighed in. Her last weight was 189. Her target was 4 lbs. She weighed in at 184 – down 5 lbs. So, Mablean did kick some butt – hers. She was congratulated by the panel and Harvey said, “I’m happier for you than anyone.” He reminded her that when she had some trouble and they made adjustments that he was right. She conceded with a laugh. Marisa noticed that she was happier in her own skin now. Mablean said it was because she was reaching for a goal and not just thinking about it. She is proud of herself for doing it.

Her total pounds lost so far is – 24 lbs.

Kim Coles has her weigh-in next. ANT reminds her as she steps up to the scales that her team is losing its overall lead over the East-Siders. In order to regain focus, Kim arranged for her team to have a Spa trip. Ralphie didn’t make it. He had a run-in with airport security. When he called to tell Kim, the team almost didn’t believe him.

Ralphie said he kicked the counter and broke it. He was not a happy camper. The team went on without him. The next morning, the FBs were poised to go off on a hike. Wendy and Kim couldn’t find Joe at first. They were told at the front desk that he was in a massage.

They barged into the massage room. He said he wasn’t going. After a bit, the ladies trudged off and did it themselves. The hike was pretty vigorous. At one point, Wendy said that she was ‘flattered’ that Kim thought she could handle this hike. After that, she couldn’t talk much – she was winded. However, she did admit that as tough as the hike was it was a million times easier than spinning.

Joe moved from a massage to an experimental acupuncture treatment in which glass cups were hooked up to a machine. The cups were put on special acupoints on the body to help deal with cravings, etc. The machine was turned on and gave Joe an electromagnetic shock every time he said yes when the acupuncturist asked him if he “wanted donuts.”

After a while, he stopped saying yes causing ANT to comment – “one (addiction) down, about a dozen more to go!”

So, did Kim lose the 4 lbs. that was her target? NO. She lost 1 lbs. She was down to 201 lbs. She has been very inconsistent throughout the series and I’m not sure how serious she takes this – or how honest she is about her ‘eating issues’ – HOWEVER, it’s really easy for me to say that sitting here too so take the observation with a grain of salt.

Dr. Katz wondered what her issue was. She didn’t make an excuse she said:

*I ate more than I should.
*I didn’t exercise enough.

Marisa mentioned Tae-Bo and they got to talking about who was more attractive – Billy Blanks or Harvey? Kim said – Billy’s aiiight, but I’ll take Harvey anyway. Then, she blushed and giggled. Harvey didn’t stray from the course. He said he’d like her to get back on track. Her final target is 4 lbs. Kim says she’ll meet that goal “on her honor.”

At least week’s fit camp, the celebs were “treated” to Dr. Katz’ lyrical nutrition lesson. Mablean appreciated it. Kim said she wished it was briefer – it was hard because others didn’t want to listen. Biz and Mia interrupted and ran off in the middle, leaving Dr. Katz bewildered. Daniel, of all people, told them how rude that was. Mia replied, “at least I showed up” referring to Daniel’s almost no-show last week.

It’s Biz turn to be weighed now. He was 318 last time. His target was 6 lbs. So far, he’d lost 26 lbs. This week he lost 8. He’s down to 8 lbs. That’s a total of 34 lbs. He’s lost the most of all the fit clubbers so far. Biz celebrates, the panel congratulates him. Harvey tells him what a “star pupil he is”. Biz says this is for life and he’s going to be consistent. His final target is 6 lbs. He wanted to “make it 8”. Harvey said, “Take the 6.”

It rained before the tug of war challenge. Some of the fit clubbers didn’t want to go out in the rain and get wet. Harvey wasn’t happy with them for that, but he moved it in side. Instead of a team competition – it was one on one. The winning team would receive:

Cooking gear
A bow flex extreme 2 machine

Daniel said that the FBs are nice, but it’s unfair to put his team against theirs in anything athletic. His team will always win. Kim thinks they’re brutes.

Judge beat Wendy
Biz beat Joe G
Mia beat Kim

Pretty easily might I add. Daniel and Ralphie opted not to square off since it wouldn’t impact the outcome.

Wendy’s turn at the scales. She weighed 224 last time. Her target loss is 4 lbs. She hit her target exactly and was down to 220. Marisa asked her how losing weight was the “final frontier” for her. Wendy said that she’s kicked all her other addictions – drinking, drugs and smoking. She doesn’t want to go back. She admits to being a train wreck for a long time and Daniel rolled his eyes. (Kind of interesting!) Her final target is 3 lbs; she’s had an overall loss of 25 lbs.

Miss Mia is getting ready to face the scales. She walk sup. She was 195 last week. She had a 5 lb target. She was down 3 to 192. Dr. Katz says that, although she didn’t hit her target, it was good progress forward. Mia was happy that she could fit into some jeans she couldn’t before.

As Joe gets ready to be weighed, ANT says, “Joe, you’ve been under attack this week.” Of course, we heard how Joe’s team got angry at him for taking a phone call during Fit Club activities. They had a meeting about it. Joe mentioned that he was “on track” and “doing what he had to”. Wendy got upset asking who he meant wasn’t doing what was needed. She got in his face a bit. Joe then said, “First you had a problem with Mablean, now you’re having a problem with me.”

He wants to just focus on himself – so he’s not really a team player, but maybe – there’s truth to what ANT said as well – ‘Sometimes, it seems as though the FBs aren’t ever pleased.’

His weight last week was 284:

*target – 5 lbs
*current – 282

He did less than ½ of what he was supposed to, but didn’t seem to get down about it. The panel questions his commitment. They really think he’s not serious. Joe says he is and seems surprised by that. He’s got a wall up of some sort, but I think he really wants to tackle the issues. It’s just hard. He’s lost 20 lbs in total and well, we’ll see if he hits his 5 lb target next week. I hope he does.

Now, it’s time for Daniel to face the scales, the music and whatever else – (but not his demons. Not yet, it seems!) Last week he was “less than a shining example” for his team. ANT was being kind. He threw tantrums, was rude and kept shooting suspended for a long time while everyone waited.

This week – I note that he looks even worse. He’s lost weight, yes – he hit his 3 lb target. He’s down a total of 28 lbs. He’s been able to exercise a little. Marisa notes that he wanted to lose weight to get naked for the cameras. He was like ‘I’ll audition for you right now.’

He goes over to ANT who tells him – “you’re hotter than Alec now.” He asks Daniel to show, “me your stomach.” Daniel dropped his pants. He called ANT “shiny-boy” and said he wasn’t doing anything for his kind. He was rude. Poor ANT was put in a horrible position. Jack-a$$ Baldwin.

Finally, Ralphie has his turn. I am rooting for Ralphie. He’s had some setbacks the last few weeks. He couldn’t make it to the spa retreat his group had planned. Instead, he had a mud treatment. He said it felt like “pudding” going on. He joked that he looked like “THING” from the Fantastic Four. Check out this link for some pics of the “THING”:

Last week Ralphie learned that, although he has the most to lose of anyone else on the show, he’s lost the least. He’s disappointed and bordering devastation. Dr. Katz and the panel tell him that they know he can lose the weight and his body may be building muscle first because of the excess exercise. Ralphie still just wants to see some results here – he feels like he’s letting his team down.

Here’s the tale of the weight:

Last Week: 471
Target: 6 lbs
Actual Loss: 11 lbs

Yes, he lost ELEVEN lbs. He is down to 460. Dr. Katz and Marisa hugged him. His team was congratulatory as was most of the EastSiders. It was a great boost to Ralphie and validation for him. Marisa mentioned that perhaps it was inspiring to others to see him struggle so and then stick with it and lose. I must admit she’s right. I was so proud of him and it’s given me greater resolve in my own diet plan.

(In three weeks, I’ve lost 6 lbs, gained 3 and am back on the losing side again!) It’s frustrating, but – Ralphie’s experiences are encouraging.

I guess that’s the point of the Fit Club. At least, that’s what host ANT hopes. Check out our interview here:

At the end of the episode tonight, the EastSiders had lost a total of 19 lbs. The FBs only 18 lbs. The FBs lead overall by 7 lbs. Next week is the Season Finale.

Here are some teasers:

*Kim and Harvey go out on a date.
*Daniel does something to shock us all!

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