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Top Chef Seattle – Ep 10 – You Can’t Fake Soul

LCK – Micah vs. CJ. This battle is to make a tartare using beef, lamb, duck or a beef heart. Micah goes for a combo Carpaccio and tartare, while CJ gets creative with pickled duck fat and some liquid nitrogen. Tom is not often caught by surprise, but he is surprised by CJ’s pickling idea.

CJ – Beef Heart Tartare with Chili, Pickled Duck Skin and Tomato Water

Micah – Bison Carpaccio and Duck Tartare with Quail Egg Yolk, Pickled Carrots, Chilis and Arugula

This comes down to two things – Micah’s desperate need of editing and the fact that CJ may have made his best Top Chef dish in two seasons. He wins again.

Quickfire Hits
• The chefs are just broken up over Monkey’s departure – poor Stefan lost his “morning friend.” Oh, in case you didn’t realize, I was being sarcastic.
• How uncomfortable did the chefs look when Josie started to point at Kish and Papa Smurf and shouted, “Asians represent!!”?
• Micah calls “time” the single most hated enemy of the chef. I remember that issue of Marvel comics. The Chef had to save the world from The Time, who was trying to break us down with catchy dance beats.
• Kish is just out of a relationship and has started her life over in the past year. One message I have for Kish – this relationship status is going to be short lived after this season completes.
• I just love Lizzie’s accent – even when she says “awful scallops,” it sounds cool, and even slightly sexy. I know. I am a weak, weak man when it comes to English, or English derivative, accents.
• The Thumb on wanting to have the Real Housewife helping him out – she is “super fast” and has a “cute butt.” The scary thing – I think she took that as a huge complement.
• Notice that we see Yagi Bear slicing Micah’s fish for him, and the size of the portions is one of the big problems for Micah. Perhaps her involvement hurt his chances – this is interesting to me considering she is the current leader in the Save a Chef competition. She could return to the contest at some point.
• Nice cake for Papa Smurf’s birthday – I wonder who made it.
• Will you believe me if I tell you that as soon as I saw The Thumb’s lollipop’s I instantly wrote in my notes – “Season 5 flashback.” The man likes his lollipops.
• He also likes having blenders explode all over his customers.
• Laughed out loud at the shot where Padma peers over the heads of all of the people waiting to get served by Josie.
• Even better – this exchange – Josie on her dish: “You can’t get any closer to my heart now.” Tom: “Hopefully, it will get closer to our plate.” Josie, now shaken a bit: “Well…yeah.”
• Extra – Danny said that when they were in business together, he just stayed out of Tom’s way. You know you were breaking new ground with your restaurant when others were copying you.

Next week – The ACTUAL restaurant wars. Kish is babysitting and The Thumb seemingly scolds the judges as he works the front of the restaurant. As it turns out, and think about it, with Papa Smurf as Exec Chef, either Thumb or OTV has to work the front. That may bode very badly for them.

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