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Cheated! – American Idol 4 – 3/2/05

By Annie

Yesterday my alarm went off at its usual time of 4:50 a.m. As per my daily schedule, I prepared myself for work, did battle with the Los Angeles freeway system, and put in my ten hours of work. Once again I got back on the freeways, waved to my fellow commuters, stopped to pick up a few things at the store and got home dog-tired.

We had drizzles and threatening clouds all day.

You might be wondering what this has to do with American Idol. The answer to that is “nothing”. But I thought you might want to read something that – believe it or not – was more exciting than the measly 30 minutes of Wednesday night’s American Idol.

When one thinks of American Idol, one envisions music, applause, cheers, boo’s and good entertainment. Wednesday night we got cheated. It was strictly eliminations. No music. No final songs.

Ryan spoke with the judges briefly and they told us what we’ve heard from them many times before – that if you pick a popular song by a current artist, you must hit it out of the ballpark or you will sound like a bad imitation.

First to be eliminated is Celena. She says she sang what she loved. Randy, Paula and Simon all tell her to keep her dreams alive. I’d like to tell you more – but there wasn’t more.

Ryan speaks ever-so-briefly to the women about doing well in dress rehearsal. Nadia agrees she felt comfortable then but you never know when you’ll miss a note during the real deal.

Next to go is Aloha. The judges agree, this was not her time to be going home. I’d like to tell you more – but there wasn’t more.

After a roll call of safe names, we learn that Joseph and David are going home. The judges say that some of their performances lacked spark.
Truly, I wish I could tell you more. I wish I could add some drama or something funny – anything. But honestly – that is all there was to the show.

I feel cheated.

If this recap leaves you feeling as I did after watching AI (cheated and wanting more), feel free to email me and I’ll tell you more about my exciting day-to-day life. This goes for you too, Mario! :loveyou:



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