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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Palau, Episode 3

As week three of Survivor: Palau comes rolling in, I will try my best not to repeat last weeks pitiful performance. After picking the reward and immunity winners correctly, somehow Ashlee slipped off my radar and became the 2’nd boot. Will Koror’s immunity winning streak continue? Will Jennifer finally say something? Anything?!
Let’s find out . . .

This week Ian and Tom get tired of their diet of rats and decide to go shark hunting. Richard Hatch would be so proud! A physical reward challenge will be won by a much stronger Ulong tribe. The severity of Jeff’s foot injury will be the key to the rest of the episode. In the CBS preview it shows Jeff complaining about not being able to put any pressure at all on his sore foot. That means that a determined Koror tribe will probably win their 3’rd straight immunity challenge. Whether he quits or gets voted out, the next person to leave Palau is JEFF WILSON.

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