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Survivor: Philippines –Reunion – The Kissing Bandit

No one coming back dates back past the last Fans vs. Favorites. So we are talking about only relatively recent seasons. And the use of the term “favorites” is really stretching the truth. Most of the 10 coming back have performed relatively well – including reaching the Finals. One clearly did not. I can’t say that I was impressed with the game play of many of them – although remember that Amber won All-Stars despite a lackluster Australia performance, and Parvati won the last FvF despite a one-note flirty Cook Islands.

Favorite 1 – Micronesia Erik. For the second time, Erik comes in for a Fans vs. Favorites season. Except this time, he’s a Favorite and not a Fan. He is infamous for making the single worst decision in show history when he let the women talk him out of his Final Five immunity necklace. He’ll get along nicely with another one coming back.

Favorite 2 – Gabon’s Corinne. I thought she should have had Sandra’s “villain” slot in Heroes vs. Villains (thus moving Sandra to Heroes, and Candice off the season) as she was one of the show’s really unsung villains. When in power that season, she was a raging B in Apartment 23. When she lost power, she was even worse. Her feud with Sugar was epic and resulted in one of the nastiest jury speeches ever.

We skip Tocantins, Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains completely, to get to Favorite 3 – Brenda from Nicaragua. She is super sexy and had a good thing going in the worst Survivor season ever before she got cocky and had her alliance turn on her. A good choice to return.

Favorite 4 – Redemption Island Philip. That’s right, The Specialist is back. The Federal Agent, Purple Underwear, Feather Wearing crazy man is back. Here’s my prediction – Philip will be normal. He claims to have been playing a part last time – let’s see how true that is.

Favorite 5 – Redemption Island Andrea. Another beautiful woman, one of several from the Rob alliance. She was only known for turning on Matt and for unexpectedly winning the final RI Duel to return to the game. I sense a potential Parvati, using her looks and attitude with potentially a determination to better her poor performance.

Favorite 6 – Redemption Island Francesca. Really? Francesca? The first person voted out that season, and the first duel loser? This is a favorite?!? I mean she seemed nice and witty, but really? Having her come back on a full second chances kind of season is one thing, but as a Favorite? The Fans may have a hard time remembering her. Now watch her win the whole thing!

Favorite 7 – South Pacific Brandon. This marks the FIFTH season out of 26 featuring a Hantz. Like Erik, Brandon gave away his immunity and got ousted. Let’s just hope he doesn’t bring the same massive religious themes and weird repressed sexual vendettas he brought the first time.

Favorite 8 – South Pacific John Cochran. A second chance for the ultimate Survivor nerd. The last time around he was ostracized by his tribe, he betrayed it, and then got voted out unceremoniously. Let’s see what happens this time.

Favorite 9 – South Pacific Dawn. She broke down and cried and almost quit, something done by Lisa Whelchel this season. Dawn finished 10th, let’s see if the Utah mom can turn it around and get to the finals like Blair did.

Favorite 10 – Philippines Malcolm. So close, but yet so far. Next to Philip, Malcolm finished the highest of all the Favorites, but unlike Philip, he actually had a real chance to win. The seasons filmed back to back, so no one will know him. That benefitted Russell Hantz in Heroes vs. Villains, let’s see if Malcolm can use the mystery to his advantage.

That’s that. These 10, plus 10 Fans. The twist is rumored to be that they will start intermixed, not separated. The first Fans vs. Favorites was one of the best seasons, we’ll see in February if this one follows suit.