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Survivor: Philippines Finale – 25 Seasons, And A 24th Winner Is Named

Treemail Top Whatever it Takes To Wrap the Season Up
• Never good when your removal from a game is compared to a tumor. That’s your legacy on Survivor, Abinormal.
• Since when did Malcolm and Scoopin’ have a secret alliance? Other than the fact that virtually all of them have secret alliances with each other.
Reward Challenge – Huge obstacle course with balance beams and hills and knots, leading up to a dragon challenge. Slay it (tm Coach) and you win the advantage. Scoopin finishes the physical challenge first before failing miserably at the puzzle. Denise does the whole thing in bare feet, perhaps just to make it more difficult. Malcolm comes back and aces the puzzle to win the scroll.
• The amount of attention the Inevitability of Malcolm received, coupled with my Season 26 spoiler, made me certain there was no way at all he was going to win that Immunity Challenge. None. Zero.
• Just like the moment where Penner blew his chance by failing to commit to Malcolm and Denise, Malcolm sealed his fate by failing to stick with Denise when she asked. Just lie and say yes. What’s so hard about that?
• Loved Blair’s description of Malcolm – He’s the kind of guy to put his arm around you, stab you and then visit you in the hospital. And when you get released, all you can think about it is how nice it was for him to visit you.
• Oh, how I hate the March of the Dead Survivors. Zane is insane. Roxy was “keeping it real.” Or, in other words, was opinionated and arrogant with her views. Angie liked cookies and was ‘well-rounded.’ Seriously, that’s not my joke about her giant chest. Swan had energy. Dana now has a hole inside her. Dawson was lively. Katie had a potty mouth. RC is still talking about her problems. She’s turned into that guy from high school who STILL talks about almost scoring the winning TD. Kent thinks they were all brats. Artis was loyal to a fault. RC syndrome – still talking about it. PBP stuck with the crazy person too long. Penner regrets nothing. Carter became a man and Abinormal is tumultuous and tenacious. That’s what they call it these days.
Immunity Challenge – Using handles, balance a small ball on pieces of a chopped up cylinder. After five minutes, you have to add pieces, thus making it harder. Malcolm’s advantage is that if he drops it, he gets a do over. He drops it. And then again, and is first out. He shook more than a junkie in rehab. Denise is next out, and now the challenge means nothing. Blair battled hard, but Scoopin’ earns the win. For all the talk of Malcolm’s physical dominance, he won the exact same amount of individual challenges as the clumsy Scoopin.
• One thing you can’t take away from him – it’s been 12 years since Scoopin’ played and he did very, very well. It makes you wonder if he had not passed out in Australia if he would have won that season. I think he would have.
• The Final Three were actually quite sad – it was visible – to have voted out Malcolm. They really did like him.
• Final Tribal – An excessive amount of reference to the Outwit, Outplay, Outlast slogan. Excessive.
• Did Carter really start his question with a “sup”?
• I must say, RC and Abinormal clean up really, really, really, really nicely.
• Penner – “A lot of smart people (on the jury) have asked some tough questions. I hope to continue that tradition.”
• Penner to Scoopin’ – Your name has not ever been written down, mine has been written down 15 times, maybe only beaten by Phil Sheppard. With all of your scrambling, flip flops and backstabs, your perfect record may remain after tonight. Almost, Penner, almost.
• One thing Penner, don’t go making comparisons to animals in Final Tribal. That job got filled long ago.

First Vote – Malcolm 3 (Blair, Scoopin’, Denise), Denise 1 (Malcolm)

Final Vote – Denise 6 (Penner, Kent, Abinormal, PBP, Artis, Malcolm), Scoopin’ 1 (Carter), Blair 1 (RC)

Next Season – Still in the Philippines, but now with Fans vs. Favorites 2. And if the list online is correct, the word “favorites” is a very loose term.

Tomorrow – Reunion post.

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