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Survivor: Philippines Finale – 25 Seasons, And A 24th Winner Is Named

Malcolm was a lot angrier than I expected, as that last second loss really bothered him. He called Denise out for her therapist knowing nod and demanded that she explain how she played better but not to say it nicely. She couldn’t – she’s too much of a therapist. She explained her complex game of social, physical and endurance. But he knew that already. He knew he was voting for her- that nodding thing was just for show.

Kent ranks people as those who make things happen, those who watch and those who exclaim, “what the hell is happening.” He wants to know who they think they are. Meh.

Abinormal was not Abicrazy. She got a half apology from Denise after getting her pound of flesh from the other two. But it was Penner who served as king of the jury. He called Denise a bitch, basically. He shot down Scoopin’ argument about suffering. And then he spilled the beans about Blair Warner’s Blair Warner past. He was surprisingly and disturbingly bitter – a shame that his final show moments would be this. And, really, Jonathan, don’t shave the beard. You look like Saul from Homeland rather than every other actor your age.

And so Denise wins and before the Treemail Top Whatever, let’s take a moment to rank the 25 winning games.
1 – Hatch. The first still ranks the best.
2 – Boston Rob. For him to control that season and convince eight of nine people to give his fourth try the big prize was amazing.
3 – Tom. On Day 1 you knew he was going to win. And he did.
4 – Chris. I am a sucker for a stunning comeback, and he sure delivered one.
5 – Brian. Like Tom, he owned it from the start, except unlike Tom, he did it as a villain.
6 – Kim. Just as dominant as anything Rob did.
7 – Parvati. Most improved performance in her 2nd go around. It was Cirie’s game, but the F2 surprise ended that. Then she swiped this from Amanda with her argument.
8 – Todd. Best Final Tribal ever.
9 – Sandra HvV. She managed to convince veterans to give her a second win.
10 – Denise. Hard fought win.
11 – Danni. Mix Chris with Denise.
12 – Yul. He falls down a bit because he really sort of co-won his season with Ozzy. In fact, the co-winner all fall into line here.
13 – Tina. One of the best social games. She doesn’t win if Colby chooses correctly, or if Scoopin’ avoids the fire.
14 – Amber. Underrated performance. She was the softer side of Rob’s dominance.
15 – JT. More of the public pretty face to Stephen’s gameplan.
16 – Sophie. See Amber.
17 – Natalie. See Sophie, but much worse.
18 – Ethan. Overrated performance. But proves nice guys can win.
19 – Sandra PI. Kind of won by default.
20 – Jenna. Would be higher if she didn’t zone out for a while.
21 – Earl. A great winner. A horrible season. And it once he turned on Yau, it was like taking candy from a baby at the vote.
22 – Bob. See Ethan, but older.
23 – Aras. It was Terry and Cirie who dominated here.
24 – Vecepia. Quiet win in 2nd worse final choice.
25 – Fabio. Worst Final choice, won by default.