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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 6 – You Had Me At Lamb-Stuffed Squid

LCK – CJ and The Wiz split their team and face off with Eliza. One will survive, two will be out for good barring many text messages. The challenge is to use carrots and pickles as the main ingredients – the main reason all three of them were knocked out.

Eliza not playing it safe this time and going for a mousse, The Wiz ceviche and CJ is roasting pickles and making a sauce out of carrot tops. He has a lot of things to do, but not many components. The Wiz worried about CJ’s creativity. CJ is smoking his trout for Carla’s sake and it comes out very charred.

The Wiz- Deconstructed Ceviche with Pickles and Carrots – Tom thinks simple is good.

Eliza – Brown Butter Carrot Mash, Crusted Scallops, Corn and Pickle Succotash – Tom said the carrots are good.

CJ – Pan Roasted Rainbow Trout, Carrot Puree and Charred Pickles – Tom wonders if he made sauce before. Nope.

Judging –The Wiz’ shrimp were under-seasoned. Eliza carrots are nicely pureed, but why white wine? CJ carrot tops and juice good, but the trout cooked a little long. Winner is CJ. The Wiz says to “take the L out of lover because it’s over.” Um, ok.

Quickfire Hits
• Hipster is adopted! As a fellow adoptee, we have to stick together. So, I’m on Team Hipster now. At least until she pisses me off down the road.
• She’s also a Parks & Rec fan – so that’s two for her. The Thumb has his one degree of separation with Faris through having each appeared on Entourage. Clear win here for Hipster.
• Brooke’s good luck lizard should be packaged and marketed after this week.
• Who knew OTV and The Thumb would be become best buds? Even Monkey patted OTV on the back as the bottom chefs went in to face the music.
• Loved The Thumb’s shout, “12 MINUTES!” when there were still about two and a half hours left. Between that, his emotion for CJ/The Wiz at the episode’s start, and his playful flirting with Kish over the plastic wrap makes me wonder where this charming Thumb was during his season.
• To reach soul, eat a raw heart. Top Chef wisdom.
• CJ jokes that if he lost because of pickles, it would be hard to not eat them for a year like he did with broccolini. HA!
• Extra – Pratt thinks this is what being on a reality show is like. The show then does a fabulous Bachelorette joke by turning the coloring to more of a sepia tone. HA! Pratt takes her hand and emotes, “I can see myself maybe falling for you one day…When we were at the ring toss…” HA!!!

Next week – Head to head battles. The chefs go outside, and Josie may or may not be high. Well, it is legal in Washington State now.

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