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A Look At The Final 20 – American Idol Commentary

by NiceGuy286

The first week of eliminations after America’s votes is already behind us and 4 contestants were sent home – 2 guys and 2 girls. That leaves 10 guys and 10 girls all vying for America’s votes to be the next American Idol.

As Melinda Lira, one of the eliminated girls from last week, noted, the face time each contestant gets does factor in when America votes. Let’s face it, chances are that America will not vote for someone they haven’t seen much of.

Now that we’ve seen the contestants’ first shot at impressing America, I’d like to take a look at what I think the remaining 20 contestants’ chances are of winning this competition.

Let’s start with the final 10 guys:

[b]Anthony Federov[/b] – I don’t agree with the comparison to Clay Aiken that the judges made but he does have a great voice. He should make it to the final 12 but I don’t think he will win though.

[b]Anwar Robinson[/b] – I’m not really a fan of his although he does have his moments where he shines. He will probably make the final 12 but I doubt he’ll get much further than the final 10.

[b]Bo Bice[/b] – The first of the 2 rockers. I’m not a huge fan of either rocker but if I had to choose between the two, Bo would be my pick. In my opinion, he is a better singer than Constantine but I don’t see him winning the competition.

[b]Constantine Maroulis[/b] – I’m not a fan of his at all. His performance last week was awful but he was lucky to get a lot of face time in the audition rounds which is most likely the reason he was safe last week. I hope he doesn’t make the final 12 but I think he unfortunately will.

[b]David Brown[/b] – He has been pretty consistent so far and I think he will go far in the competition. I wouldn’t want to see him win but I think he will probably make it to at least the final 6.

[b]Joseph Murena[/b] – Joseph is one of the contestants who did not get much face time in the audition rounds. As a result, I dont see him making the final 12. He might slip by this week but he will probably be gone by next week.

[b]Mario Vazquez[/b] – He probably has the best chance out of the guys of winning right now. He has given great performances so far and I would say he is almost guaranteed a spot in the final 12. I could easily see him in the final 4.

[b]Nikko Smith[/b] – He is not as strong a singer as most of the other guys. I thought he might have been eliminated last week but he made it through. I don’t think he will be so lucky this week though.

[b]Scott Savol[/b] – For some reason, he comes off as the Caucasian version of Ruben Studdard. I did not like Ruben at all but Scott isn’t too bad – for now at least. He will most likely make the final 12 and probably get as far as the final 8 or so.

[b]Travis Tucker[/b] – Travis is not that bad a singer but highly doubt he will get to the final 12. He may get through this week but that will most likely be as far as he goes.

Ok, now let’s look at the girls:

[b]Aloha Misheaux[/b] – I do not like her at all. It appears as though she tries too hard when she performs. I would hope that she won’t make the final 12 but the judges seem to like her so that could affect the way America votes.

[b]Amanda Avila[/b] – My opinion of Amanda seems to change with each performance. She has her moments when she’s really good but then there are times when she isn’t that great. I can see her making the final 12 but I don’t see her going further than the final 9.

[b]Carrie Underwood[/b] – Carrie is arguably the best female contestant this season – vocally anyway. I am a fan hers and I think she is almost guaranteed a spot in the final 12. She should easily make the final 8, if not better, if she doesn’t mess up really badly.

[b]Celina Rae[/b] – I doubt she will make the final 12, I think she’ll be lucky to get through this week. It’s not that she isn’t good, it’s the lack of face time in the earlier rounds that will hurt her.

[b]Janay Castine[/b] – Janay is treading on very thin ice. She knows that she barely slipped by last week and I would be surprised if she survived this week’s eliminations.

[b]Jessica Sierra[/b] – I like her voice and think she would do well in the final 12, providing she makes it there. She was safe last week and she should also be safe this week.

[b]Lindsey Cardinale[/b] – Personally, she is one of my faves this season. She should make the final 12 with all the face time she got in the earlier rounds and I think she would probably get as far as the final 5.

[b]Mikalah Gordon[/b] – Simon’s comment last week about her was dead on – you either like her or hate her. I don’t like her at all. She does have the personality but she does not have the voice. Unfortunately, the judges like her and have pushed her hard so I think she will make the final 12. Hopefully, she won’t get any further than the final 10 though.

[b]Nadia Turner[/b] – She also is not one of my faves. She is better than Aloha but I still don’t really like her. She will most likely make the final 12 but I can’t see her winning the competition though.

[b]Vonzell Solomon[/b] – Vonzell has her moments just like Amanda. I definitely prefer her to Aloha and Nadia but I think she might just miss making the final 12. If she should make the final 12, I doubt she will go further than the final 9.

Of course, the above assessments of the contestants are just my opinions. Only time will tell how accurate they are. Tonight is this week’s elimination night, so in lieu of that, I will make my predictions for the eliminations.


Eliminated Guys[/b] – Nikko & Joseph

[b]Eliminated Girls[/b] – Janay & Celina

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