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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 13 – Cookies and Flippers and the Final Four

Now, this episode really didn’t have much going on. Malcolm won both challenges. Abinormal went home. There was minimal action in the camp. However, if you weave it all together, what you get is one of the potential spinoffs to this season – The Michael Skupin Comedy Hour. Because this episode was more of Scoopin’ antics. All season long, we have seen him fall down, get injured, etc. He still has this giant pink mark on his shoulder. The dude has been a walking disaster area. This week – he was a variety show.

First, loved how the fire basically attacks him while he was cooking. It’s almost supernatural how it seems fire wants to get Scoopin’. Perhaps that’s a movie waiting to happen – fire demons breaking through into our dimension to attack one guy. They almost got him in Season 2 and are now back to finish the job. I would suggest Ed Harris to play Scoopin’, Blair could play herself.

Second, Scoopin’s great one liner. After he wins the Reward challenge, and the helicopter trip to the pizza party/whale watching boat trip, Scoopin’ reminds Probst about his last helicopter ride. On that one, he had just lost all of the skin from his hands.

Third, Scoopin’ goes loopy on the boat. Here’s the sitcomy aspect of the spinoff. Scoopin’ hasn’t had sugary drinks in about 30 years. He has chosen this moment to go all crazy with soda pop. As a result, he’s like a preschooler on a sugar high. Or as Malcolm describes him – a drunken girl at the bar. It was hysterical. However, the most amusing/disturbing moment…Scoopin’ feeding Blair a cookie off a flipper. A sentence I have never considered writing before this moment. Maybe Angie was right – everyone just needed some cookies.

Fourth, an underwater adventure show with Scoopin’ cast as Aquaman’s crazy sugar-addled uncle. He has lost some of his skills over time, and now Aquaman (Malcolm) has to take over the family business. He realizes this after watching Uncle Scoopin’ Aquaman get head-butted by a huge whale shark. Because that’s what happened. Scoopin’ swam too close to the beast and get bopped on the noggin.

Last, The Michael Skupin Dance Party. Upon voting out his best chance of winning Survivor, Scoopin’ goes a shufflin’ down the path away from Tribal. One hopes his little gleeful jig was not witnessed by the jury. However, for us? Hysterical. Best Michael Skupin episode in his two seasons – and that’s including when he caught and slaughtered that little pig in Season 2.

And now on to the Finale…

Treemail Top 10
• Loved the symbolic broken twig as Malcolm was talking about the “eye-opening” moment from Tribal when Blair stated her desire to sit next to someone she could beat at the end. Don’t worry, Malcolm, she didn’t really mean it.
Reward Challenge – A big slide. A trip to the water to get bags of rings. Then toss the rings onto five pegs. Basically, it came down to Scoopin’ and Malcolm battling for the win. Scoopin’ nails it. He gets to take two people with him, and he chose the correct two people. He had to take Malcolm as payback for his family visit decision, and if you had to trust someone to hang for the day with Abinormal and not be influenced by anything, you pick Denise. He even offered her all of his food – not sure if he meant the pizza, or he meant his camp rations. Either way, that’s good. For some reason, Abinormal is upset she didn’t get picked. What insane world does she live in where she thinks that was even going to be an option?!?
• Denise thinks it is an odd date for her to spend the day with Abinormal – like going out with the guy who as a kid used to spit in your lunch. Who does that? And why would you go out with him? Denise must have a very interesting dating history.
• Denise wants to put needles in her eardrums to avoid listening to Abinormal – she then mimes the stabbing motion. Of course, her hands come nowhere near her ears, so I don’t think her plan would have been very effective.
• Malcolm said that it was already proven that cookies were his weakness. HA! I don’t think it was the cookies mentioned by Angie that were the weakness, I think it was more likely Angie’s “cookies.”
• Loved Blair’s description of her plan to swim with the whales – just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
• Denise wakes up the next day with a burning, stinging sensation in her neck. Something bit her in the night – and I am wondering if anyone has seen Robert Pattinson anywhere. PBP looks a lot like the other Twilight guy, so maybe they shouldn’t have voted him off after all. Three days left, you can’t like becoming a vampire hold you back from winning a million bucks. I choose to ignore the group prayer which followed.
Immunity Challenge – climb over a rope bridge using planks and collecting puzzle pieces. Then assemble the pieces and form a ball maze, then complete it. Malcolm falls off the bridge and has to go back to the beginning. No problem. He comes back and then dusts the other four to assemble his puzzle and win the challenge.
• At Tribal, Abinormal tries to sway votes by calling Scoopin’ an idiot and a moron. To be honest, not really sure the difference. She may not be wrong…but still. She lashed out everywhere and of course, got voted out. Penner flipped her the bird. And upon her vote out she implied that she was voted out for being a “crazy Latina.” That’s half right, Abinormal.
• Even if he loses, at least Malcolm has a souvenir. And something else, if you believe the Season 26 rumors.

Votes – Abinormal 4 (Malcolm, Denise, Scoopin’ and Blair), Denise 1 (Abinormal)

Next week – Alliances shatter as the season ends.

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