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Amazing Race 21 – Finale – You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Route Markers
• Interesting that the Twins were about two hours behind Texas at the start of the Final Four leg. I didn’t realize they were so far behind.
• Hysterical moment on the train as the Ridiculous Alliance bragged and bad mouthed the Goats, only to realize they were behind them. How very sitcom cliché.
• We will not talk about the most egregious product placement sequence in Show history – and that’s saying something.
• While Lexi’s flag meets head moment was funny in an “it’s not me” kind of way, the real danger was when she ran across the street in Barcelona and almost got flattened by traffic.
• Great Goats moment – as the other teams began miming dog sounds to try and find the dog statue, Josh just sauntered up to the groundskeeper and asked in French. HA! Goats just being Goats.
• Two weird things that if this was a sitcom would strain continuity – 1) Josh’s ankle seems to have healed overnight, and 2) all of a sudden the Twins can successfully drive stick.
• Y mistakenly refers to Da Vinci as Leonardo DiCaprio. HA! It sure would have made The Beach more interesting.
• Lexi really needs to find some help regarding her obsession with Trey’s muscles. I mean, that’s a lot of attention.
• The Goats were only about two hours behind the other two teams – so why did they not know the Goats survived? Were the teams sequestered for the last leg? That felt really strange.
• The Goats managed to break the Race curse of bad hometown performance. Good job, Goats.
• So, I guess the Hairs got their passports straightened out.
• Stop pressuring Trey, Lexi. You guys are barely out of school – live a little first!
• Rob likes gay people now. So, the Race accomplished that.

Final Four Detour – Goats and Twins do the dog food, and Magic Mike and Texas plow the fields.

Roadblock #1 – Lexi, Y, Brent and, I think, Nadiyaa. Seriously, I’ll go to my grave never knowing which is which. They need to carry signs.

Roadblock #2 – Trey, Brent and Y.

Final Roadblock – Lexi, Josh and James

Final Four Order of Finish – Magic Mike (two Ford Escape wins), Texas, Goats and Twins (ELIMINATED)

Final Order of Finish – Goats, Magic Mike, Texas

Next week – No Race. See you in February.

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