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Amazing Race 21 – Finale – You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Winners Ranking. This is just my opinion, based on how they dominated their season, if there were other good teams they beat, and other factors.
21 – TK/Rachel – Season 12 was not full of strong teams, and they kind of just coasted along and won thanks to Christina’s mistakes.
20 – Dan/Jordan – I still think they won by accident.
19 – BJ/Tyler – They got such huge amounts of luck along the way that it seemed to me they had a guardian angel.
18 – Goats – It is hard to rank them much higher – the persevered, but they sure lost a lot of legs pretty badly.
17 – Freddy/Kendra – One badly-timed train and this was Kris/Jon’s victory.
16 – Tammy/Victor – They were so close to being out early, but were pretty strong afterwards. Like TK/Rachel, they won because Luke couldn’t solve that final challenge.
15 – Reichen/Chip – Weak competition, led to a boring finale.
14 – Linz Family – Strong team, lame season.
13 – Kat/Nat – Hard to criticize the first all-female team to win, but they didn’t win an All-Star season.
12 – Kisha/Jen – They did.
11 – Meghan/Cheyne – They were pretty dominant in a sub-par season, but extremely forgettable.
10 – Eric/Danielle – Huge competition against them, but like the Goats, kind of squeaked through. Eric carried the team.
9 – Flo/Zach – Same story, as Zach had more patience than 10 people.
8 – Ernie/Cindy – It was actually a pretty tough season which they won.
7 – Chip/Kim – They beat Colin/Christie, who was arguably in the Top Five all-time teams. But they did it thanks to a Colin mistake. However, they were strong almost all the way through.
6 – Tyler/James – Totally forgettable, but that was a pretty tough season that they won.
5 – Dave/Rachel – They won the most legs, but really, who did they beat?
4 – Chris/Alex – They were non-eliminated twice, but that final sprint to the finish elevates them.
3 – Uchenna/Joyce – They beat Rob and Amber. And then had a Top 5 All-Stars finish.
2 – Nick/Starr – No one won their Race with more cold-blooded killer attitude than these two siblings.
1 – Rob/Brennan – The first is still the best.